RV Interiors | Are there any that look modern?

The other week, my friend Ashley over at RVinspiration.com wrote about the moves that Keystone are making to upgrade their RV interiors. They’ve started with the Fuzion toy haulers and the Bullet travel trailers; and they look great! Click here to open up a new tab to read the article.

The response to these new RV interior decor colors and style has been overwhelmingly positive (we’re not surprised by that, are we!) so hopefully that means more and more RV manufacturers will follow suit.

I’m pleased to be able to say that here in Australia, we don’t have such a problem with old RV interior decor. Most brand new caravans, motorhomes, fifth wheels and campervans are a light and contemporary style, with neutral tones. That’s not to say that all of them have modern RV interiors, just most of them.

So I feel for my North American friends who have a cacophony of brown to choose from.

Just a look at one decor board for an RV interior reveals a lack of color (except brown) or lightness.

And, well, I’m no designer, but isn’t that waaay too may patterns for just one space? It’s kinda like wearing a polka dot blouse with a floral skirt… it doesn’t work so it shouldn’t be done!

So surely, there are other big name manufacturers in the USA that have moved on from the brown / beige / all wood / swirls and patterns of the eighties?

I decided to search, and this post shows you the RV manufacturers that I was able to find.

There are not as many as I would have hoped.

I’m sure there are more, but that would mean I would need to look at ALL the models of ALL the RV manufacturers. I’d never get this post finished if I did that!

For this list, I’ve once again decided to limit the brands I look at, based on the RV length. We could explore some of the massive Class A motorhomes that cost half a million dollars, (and for that price, I’d demand a modern interior!) but I’m just going to look at the small to mid-range size of RVs. Let’s keep it between 20-30 ft RVs.


Have Airstreams ever been out of fashion?

With such an iconic shape, it would be easy for Airstream to ‘rest on their design laurels’ and not bother updating their interior.

But then, I think we’d fall out of love with them pretty quickly!

The sleek design on the outside, carries through to the RV interior, and they continue to incorporate the latest materials, design and technology.

Here are some example: 

Airstream | International Serenity – light and bright, with pops of warm color


Airstream | Sport – neutral palette with not a swirl or pattern to be seen.


Airstream | Classic – not doing away with that luscious wood completely… but no overdoing it either!


I was looking at the Eagle range of travel trailers and Jayco have a section titled ‘NEW Interior Design Options’. I excitedly opened up the tab and, well… it’s not exactly NEW design, just new colors and textures. 

It’s certainly a step in the right direction (and I’m sure we’re grateful) it’s just not as new and exciting as I had hoped.

Jayco | Eagle – I’m glad they’ve lightened up some of the cabinets and trim… but I’m still disappointed to see patterned window valances against a patterned wall, above a textured highlight on the upholstery, above a patterned carpet next to a wood patterned floor. Obviously, that’s just IMO.


When looking at the Dutchmen website I started to despair that this whole search was utterly futile. As I looked through more and more of their brands I saw more and more of the same, dated decor. 

But I did finally stumble upon one brand that seems to be bucking that outdated trend!

The Voltage lineup of fifth wheels has some simple, yet contemporary decor.

I do notice that the Voltage line is marketed as a ‘luxury’ brand. I’m hoping that doesn’t mean that good design only belongs to those that can afford ‘luxury’?

Dutchmen | Voltage – some light colors mixed in with the dark wood and leather. But why are there purple lights under the sofa?


Winnebago | Brave – no longer in production

The Winnebago Brave came out in 2015 (well, the second version of it; the first was in the late 60’s & 70’s), and it was the first RV that made me think that maybe the RVing industry was willing to change their interior decor.

There were still some outdated elements, but at least they went out on a limb a little bit with some of their retro features like the bold color accents on the upholstery and frosted glass sliding door cabinets.

But the Brave is no longer in production. Maybe there weren’t enough people that we into the retro vibe?

But all is not lost!

While many of the Winnebago lineup is still stuck in the 90’s, some of their newer, smaller (and possibly appealing to the younger buyer) RVs are coming into the current era.

For example, the popular Travato…

Winnebago | Travato – look at that light and neutral interior. You could add some of your own colorful elements without it clashing like a bull in a china shop.

And then we have the Revel…

Winnebago | Revel – certainly this one must be to appeal to younger RVers with that bold (dare I say gawdy?) fluoro green. It’s a brave color choice by Winnebago, but maybe it fits right with the young, outdoor loving RVers that this model appeals to?

And I have heard mention of Winnebago introducing a new design concept in their RVs. But these new interiors have only been showcased in prototypes shown at RV shows. Not available for purchase yet, and certainly not available for viewing on their webpage, but here’s a video walkthrough by the Roaming Remodelers. (You should go and check out the their youtube channel if you love all things RVing!)

It’s a lot of white (may well be too much white?) but at least you can add you own color if you want. 

Forest River

Forest River | Sunseeker TS – While not terrible (at least it’s light and neutral) it is not exactly contemporary.


Ahh, the Fleetwoods have some quite nice interiors.

Fleetwood | IROK – this Class B has some nice and neutral, and quite luxurious looking, interiors.


Fleetwood | Flair – manages to keep some wood (and even some browns) without overdoing it.


You know, it seems like it’s either the really big Class A motorhomes (that cost a small fortune) or the small Class B RVs that are the most likely recipients of an interior makeover. Anything in the middle is left to stay in whatever era it was first designed.

We have another Class B manufacturer here that has some really nice looking interiors.

Roadtrek | Zion – there’s not a whole lotta space in here, so keeping the decor simple works best.


Roadtrek | 210 Popular – not too bad IMO


Dynamax | Isata 3 – Proof that it is totally possible to have dark wood cabinets, as long as you pair it with light walls/upholstery/countertops. It looks warm, yet contemporary.


Does this give you a bit of hope that maybe the RV industry is listening to the hordes of RVers who have lamented the interior decor for the past 20 years?

So things are changing.

Just not as quickly as we would like, but there is hope that we’ll be able to buy brand new RVs with modern interiors… soon.

In the meantime, you can always renovate a used RV or get some travel trailer remodel ideas here, and make the RV interior look exactly the way you want!

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