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8 Sensational Fifth Wheel Renovations to Travel in Style

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I’m so jealous of the RVers behind these amazing fifth wheel renovations!

I’m totally impressed with fifth wheels, they look spacious (oh so much space!) and have designs to make sense for long term travel.

The reason I’m so jealous?

We don’t have many fifth wheels in New Zealand and Australia! American fifth wheels are much bigger than anything that almost anyone has here. Australia is all about the caravan (AKA a travel trailer), and New Zealand is all about small campervans.

So when I see a fifth wheel, I can’t help but be impressed by them!

And when I look at renovations and realize that these fifth wheels were purchased for a bargain and renovated on a budget, I go all googly-eyed with jealousy! 😍

But just because you won’t find these here in Australia doesn’t mean I can’t compile a list of my favorites and share them!

Prepare to be impressed by these incredible fifth wheel renovations…

1. From Stained Carpets to a Bright, Clean Home

RVObsession - Fifth Wheel Renovations - this amazing renovation by look totally impressive, but when you realise it was all done in three weeks then you're left just scratching your head at how it was done!

Megan & Drikus are a young couple from Perth, Australia, who took six months off work, bought a fifth wheel and traveled to all 5o states of the USA. (They stopped in Hawaii on their way back home!)

If that isn’t enough, they also renovated the fifth wheel before heading off on their travels. This is a fabulous looking renovation, and it only took them three weeks. THREE WEEKS! This went from drab and musty to sleek and shiny.

See all the pictures over on their website,, where you can read about their renovation.

2. A Bright Boho Escape

RVObsession - Fifth Wheel Renovations - Kevin and Mandy from took a 'tired' fifth wheel and transformed it into a modern, yet comfortable and cozy retreat for themselves and their family for four furry kids.

Kevin and Mandy took the plunge in late 2015 to forgo the conventional life path of newlyweds in their twenties. Wanting to travel, but also wanting to rid themselves of student debt, they moved into a fifth wheel to live for a fraction of the cost.

After living in this fifth wheel for a few years, they upgraded to a newer fifth wheel and once again renovated into a gorgeous home!

Mandy shared that one of the biggest upgrades was swapping peel-and-stick tile (which was more peel than a stick) to a real tile backsplash.

DIY: How to Install a Tile Backsplash in an RV

3. A Professionally Renovated Cozy Home for Families

RVing has become so popular that many professional RV flippers and renovators have come on the scene. Wayland Ventures is one of my favorites, making modern homes out of old fifth wheels. Check out this gorgeous entertainment center they built!

Photo Credit: Wayland Ventures

I love how welcoming and bright this renovation is!

See a full portfolio of photos from this gorgeous renovation on (I love the slat wall in the bunk room!)

4. Bright and Airy

Chelsie and Ryan decided to spend eight months traveling around the USA, sharing the story of their amazing enterprise, Trades of Hope is a company that empowers women out of poverty. To do this trip they renovated a fifth wheel into a chic and stylish home on wheels.

RVObsession - Fifth Wheel Renovations - Chelsea and Ryan have built a delightful home from this fifth wheel camper with somewhat tired decor.

They’ve got a lot more delightful photos and renovation details on their website.

5. A Contemporary Family Home

I found this stunning fifth wheel renovation in this RV Renovations Facebook group.

Photo Credit: Victoria Jones

New floors and a fresh coat of paint completely transformed this dark RV into a modern home. Just look at the before photo 😬

Photo Credit: Victoria Jones

One of my favorite parts of this renovation is the kitchen’s creative storage solutions. I love the spice rack that she built in!

See all of the photos and details behind the renovation (even the exact paint colors!) on

6. From Brown to Colorful!

Jenn and Brent decided that a stationary life was not the life for them. So they set off with their two sons for a year on the road in their fifth wheel. Before leaving, they renovated the second-hand fifth wheel and transformed their brown camper into a bright and cheerful home on wheels.

RVObsession - Fifth Wheel Renovations - Jenn and Brent from New School Nomads transformed their fifth wheel camper from dreary and brown to bright and cheerful.

You can see more details about their renovation, and follow their amazing journey over on their blog:

7. A Luxurious Off Grid Fifth Wheel

This renovation blew me away with its attention to detail and high-end finishings. If it weren’t for the slide-out trim, you wouldn’t even be able to tell this is a fifth wheel!

Photo Credit: @moandtheairstream

Find more photos and renovation details on this amazing renovation here.

8. A Wow-Worthy Kitchen

This RV kitchen is one of the most beautiful ones I’ve seen! A peel-and-stick tile backsplash, new appliances, a vent hood—these are all the luxuries of a home on the road.

Photo Credit: Vieves RV Remodels

One of the details in this renovation that I love and I see in many fifth wheel renovations is a fireplace. It makes the small space so much more cozy!

See more photos of this small fifth wheel renovation here!

Gorgeous Fifth Wheel Renovations

How do you like them renos, huh?

I love the idea of living in something as big and spacious as a fifth wheel. They really do look like an apartment on wheels to me. And when you can design the space to suit your lifestyle, it just seems too perfect!

Ship one to Australia for me, someone?

See more stunning renovations:

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