How to find RV dumping stations & fresh water to fill up

Man emptying tanks at an RV dump station, with text: How to find RV dump stations and where to fill up with fresh water.

Finding RV dumping stations and fresh water The lure of the open road and being able to explore it in your own time and to your heart’s content are two of the top ten reasons why most of us are drawn to the RV life. An old friend of mine used to delight in telling … Read more

How to wire RV batteries | 12V or 6V

Man with a screwdriver fixing an RV, with text overlay: How to wire RV batteries, 12V or 6V.

A lot of us want to be off-grid when RVing. Away from the crowds (and covid!), out in nature, enjoying the silence, the open spaces and the solitude. But the biggest hurdle for us modern day RVer’s (other than water) is getting enough power. I mean, we have fridges and laptops and water pumps, phones … Read more

27 Tasty Dutch Oven Camping Desserts You’ll Love

Blue lid of a dutch oven with text that reads, dutch oven desserts perfect for camping.

Delightful & delicious dutch oven camping desserts We all love the Great Outdoors. Climbing into your RV and driving into nature. Hiking in the open air. The campfires. The songs. The endless, clear skies. There’s nothing like it, and nothing better! Except, perhaps…a tasty campout dessert after dinner to complete your fun-filled days. If you … Read more

9 Ways to make your RV feel not so small

Boho style RV interior showing kitchen and bed, with text: Tips for making your RV feel bigger.

Interior design tips to make your RV feel bigger When your home is on wheels it goes without saying that your living space is going to be much smaller than you’re used to. On this website I often talk about my favourite small RVs like camper vans or lightweight travel trailers. So this post is … Read more

Why do people live in their RV full time?

Table decor in an RV, with text overlay: Living in a camper full time.

There are many reasons why people choose living in a camper full time rather than a ‘normal’ house. From retired and enjoying the good life of traveling and seeing the countryside, to work camp deals, to hosting a campground or simply working online on your own terms; the trend is quickly rising and with good … Read more

Should you use a free RV camping checklist printable?

Have you seen all the printable checklists you can get online? There is a checklist for everything. And the topic of RVing does not miss out! You’ve got RV camping checklist printables, RV packing checklist, RV supplies checklist, RV essentials checklist, RV inspection checklist, RV maintenance & safety checklist… the list goes on! Personally, we … Read more

7 Habits of people who always have a clean RV

Living in an RV it feels like a never ending battle to keep an organized and clean RV. And when I look on Instagram and see all those gorgeously renovated RVs with their luxurious white interiors, it feels like I must be the most disorganized, dirty and style-less RVer ever! But if I take a … Read more

Tips for full-time RV living

We’ve been full-time RV living for over a year now, and can’t believe how popular full time RVing has become. More and more people are leaving the conventional white picket fence and opting for a life on the road. If that’s you, and you’re looking for tips on how to make this RVing life successful, … Read more

7 Ways to make your RV interior look bigger

Even though RVs are small (compared to a house, anyway) there are some simple tricks that you can use to make the RV interior look bigger. Why would you want to make the RV interior look bigger? Well, since it’s such a small space, it can feel cramped inside an RV, especially if you’re stuck … Read more

What stopped us from boondocking?

Here in Australia we don’t call it boondocking, we usually call it free camping, but it’s the same thing; setting up camp for a night or more, with no facilities like power or water, and for free. You may have heard these other words used to describe boon docking: wild camping, dispersed camping, dry camping, … Read more