7 Habits of people who always have a clean RV

Living in an RV it feels like a never ending battle to keep an organized and clean RV. And when I look on Instagram and see all those gorgeously renovated RVs with their luxurious white interiors, it feels like I must be the most disorganized, dirty and style-less RVer ever! But if I take a … Read more

Fantastic Storage Ideas for RV Closets

With these storage ideas for RV closets I’m going to presume straight off the bat, that if you already know that closets in an RV are generally MUCH smaller than the ones in your house. That’s kinda obvious, right?   So when it comes to closet space, you’ll need to think carefully about what you … Read more

Downsizing to an RV

Are you dreaming of living in an RV full-time, but worried if downsizing to an RV is even possible for you and your family? Are you wondering what on earth you do with all your stuff? We can have all the best storage and organization systems in the world, but if we’ve got too much stuff, … Read more

Fix your RV wardrobe storage problems with a capsule wardrobe!

Do you want to look fashionable, but find yourself limited with the amount of RV wardrobe storage space that you have? Me too. When we moved into our teeny tiny caravan, I ended up with 3 small cabinets and half of the hanging space, which amounts to about 5 hangers. (I wish I were kidding!) … Read more

RV Furniture with Storage Built In

RV furniture with storage built into it is much needed when you live in a space as small as an RV (even though some RVs are massive!). It’s important to make sure that everything you have in your RV serves its purpose well. And if it can serve more than one purpose… well that’s ideal! … Read more

Travel Trailer Sofa Replacement

We’ve been looking for a travel trailer sofa replacement for our little travel trailer (14ft Millard Caravan… it’s an Aussie brand) because the U-shaped bench seats currently in there are not very comfortable. And since the storage underneath them is a bit hard to get to, we barely use it. What we really need is … Read more

RV Basement Storage Solutions

For those not already in the know, let’s start with exactly what is an RV Basement, and then we’ll look at RV basement storage solutions. Firstly, it’s more of a nickname than anything, because it’s not like the basement in a house, where you can go down stairs and walk around, etc. An RV basement … Read more

The Enemy of all Good RV Storage Solutions – Clutter

There really are a lot of great space saving ideas and RV storage solutions to be found on the internet. Just google ‘rv storage solutions’ and you’re hit with a ton of great ideas. I have a bit of a fascination with storage and organization myself (yeah, other than the obsession with RVs) but I’m … Read more

RV Kitchen Storage Solutions

RV Kitchen Storage Solutions - get tips and ideas for how to store everything from spices to wine glasses.

It can be a bit difficult to find RV kitchen storage solutions because we all have totally different RVs. Add to that the fact that we all eat different things, cook differently, travel differently and have different priorities; and it may seem impossible to find the RV kitchen storage solutions to suit you. But don’t … Read more

Best Small Kitchen Appliances for the RV

Best small kitchen appliances for your RV - kitchen with lots of appliances on the counter tops.

I’ve been on the hunt for the best small kitchen appliances for the RV… and I mean for the word ‘small’ to apply to both the appliances, and the size of the kitchen! As we all know, RV kitchens are often tiny affairs. Even the most plush RV is limited in it’s kitchen size, and … Read more