Camper closet organizers

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Organizers for your small camper closet

Just because you’re living in an RV and ‘camp’ each night, doesn’t mean that you want to wear cargo trousers and hiking boots every day!

And having an organized storage space for your wardrobe is vital.

In our tiny little caravan (travel trailer) the number one key to organizing our closet space… was to NOT use it as a closet!

Replace the hanging space

It was nice to have hanging space, but it was the least efficient use of the space… and we didn’t have many nice clothes to hang up anyway.

So the easiest, quickest and cheapest thing to do do organize your RV closet, is to use a hanging organizer:

RV Closet Hanging Storage Organizer

Made from fabric, these storage cubbies are a lightweight way to add shelving in your RV closet.

The one we got for our travel trailer, was one shelf too long for the space, but since they’re fabric, the bottom shelf just stayed folded up at the bottom of the cupboard.

Hanging basket

Hanging organizer with garment rod

If you have a tall closet, you can have the hanging storage boxes as well as hanging space underneath.

Replace the hanging space in your RV closet with shelves

Ideally, you would build shelves in your closet, but if that’s not an option (or you just want to try it out before making permanent changes to your RV) here are some other good shelving options:

Stackable pull out organizer

Rack at the bottom of the closet

RV Closet Expanding Shelf

An expanding shelf like these ones, fit right across the closet (as long as your closet isn’t too wide)

Over the door storage

If room allows, there’s more space on the back of your closet door, for some of the smaller, less bulky items.

Shoe Organizers

Over door pockets


It’s all very well having lots of clothes and having them all nice and organized, but you’ll also need to consider how you’re going to manage all your dirty laundry.

If you have washer/dryer on-board, then you can have whatever size laundry hamper you like. If you’re short on space (I mean, who isn’t?) then you’ll want to look for a hamper that fits into any gap or corner.

Slim laundry hamper

Collapsible laundry hamper

Over the door laundry hamper

If you don’t have a washer/dryer in your RV, then you’re going to have to haul your laundry into the local laundromat. So make sure you have something sturdy, with handles, and isn’t too long (so you don’t have to carry it at chest height to stop it dragging on the ground.)

The other option for having an organized closet in your RV, is to curate your collection of clothes and reduce it down to a capsule wardrobe. This will ensure that any clothes you are bringing, are ones that you love and will wear… and go with the other clothes in your RVing wardrobe.

Multiple pictures of womens clothing with text that reads: Capsule wardrobe for RVers.

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