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RV & Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Small bathroom storage ideas – What’s the biggest compromise you’re going to have to make when you buy an RV? Chances are, if you’re a woman, it’s going to be the bathroom.

Your RV may have a full bathroom, split bathroom or heaven forbid, a wetroom; but either way, it’s going to be smaller than what you have in your house or apartment. And in many cases, significantly smaller!

So you need very small bathroom storage ideas.

But here’s my take on the RV life… the joy of RVing is in traveling. Exploring new places, meeting new people, being in the outdoors, trying new things, enjoying nature, relaxing, spending time with your loved ones.

I don’t suppose you’d go RVing if all you wanted to do was to impress people with your flawless make-up or expertly styled hair. I could be wrong; but I’m gonna hazard a guess that you’re the type of person for whom a bathroom serves a purpose and as long as it does so without too much mess, inconvenience or frustration, then it’ll do. Am I right?

So here you are with this tiny bathroom, but even though you’re a no-fuss woman (well, let’s just say ‘less-fuss’ than most other women) you still need some small bathroom storage solutions, so you’re going to have to get clever and strategic about it.

Here’s some small bathroom storage ideas that I’ve found around the internet that may be helpful to you.

Small Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Okay, so first up, if you have a cabinet in the bathroom, you gotta organise that thing.

Shelves built around the drain pipe – under the sink is an awkward space with the drain pipe in the way, so you’ll need to build some custom shelving around it.

custom shelves around drain pipes to turn that awkward space into something useful.

From the master of home organisation,


Small Bathroom Storage Ideas - While you're adding shelves to the bathroom cabinet, drawers are also super helpful for organising a small and awkward space.

Or take it a step further and add drawers as well, like Pink Toes and Power Tools has done above.

Hang stuff on the inside of the cabinet door

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas - Using the space on the door means that you can have your most used items handy to use all the time.

How organised is this! has got bathroom organisation down to a fine art!

You can buy stick on baskets like the ones above here.

Round the Toilet

Use the space above the toilet for extra storage

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas - Shelves or baskets above the toilet are the perfect place for storage.

Add shelves or baskets right above the toilet like ‘A Little Closer‘ has done above, is the perfect way to ass some storage space to the bathroom.

Shelves on either side of the toilet 

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas - If you've got extra space around your toilet, why not build out some shelves to utilize the space.

If you’ve got wasted space around the toilet, use it for storage. The picture above is from a tiny house (from but it’s a good idea, and it may be an idea you could use for your RV.

The one thing you can’t go without…

Get creative with toilet paper storage

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas - a cardboard upright file holder is a novel (and practical!) toilet paper holder.

Found on

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas - a plastic bag dispenser from Ikea works perfectly as a toilet paper holder

The Bargain Blonde uses an Ikea plastic bag dispenser as a perfect toilet roll holder inside the cabinet door.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas - just getting the spray bottles up on to a tension rod frees up space in the cabinet for a wire basket of toilet paper.

Alejandra puts spray bottles up on to a tension road which frees up space in the cabinet for a basket of toilet paper.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas - coffee cans taped together hold toilet paper behind or beside the toilet.

Three coffee cans taped on the inside can be used for toilet paper behind or beside the toilet, to save space in the cabinet. Source: Pinterest

In the shower

Soap dispenser

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas - a soap dispenser in the shower will do away with bottles that need a shelf to sit on.

A soap dispenser means that you can do away with a shelf or shower caddie and instead have everything in this tidy unit. You can buy dispensers like the one above here.

Shower Pocket Organizer

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas - This shower pocket organizer makes for a quick and solution of where to put all your stuff!

These make me think of share houses from my younger days, where there’d be 4 or 5 people sharing a house and everyone had their own body wash, shampoo and conditioner. There were always dozens of bottles in the bathroom and I’m sure half of them were empty! But if you’ve got a lot of products that are needed in the shower, this might just be the way to go for you. You can buy shower pocket organizers here.

My hope is that you can use some of these ideas for your own RV bathroom, or at least they will give you some inspiration for storage space. In all of my looking at RVs, I find that the newer ones are getting better and better and making the most of all the available space, so these ideas may be more useful for renovations of older RVs or conversions from buses or vans.

Still stuck for storage space ideas? Check out this ebook by Ashley from; she loads you up with heaps of tips and tricks for getting the most out of the space that you already have in your RV.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas - Get more storage ideas and create space out of thin air with this awesome ebook: Create Space from Thin Air: Ideas for Adding Storage to Your RV (or Other Tiny Home)


On a side note: I’m hoping we won’t have too much trouble with our bathroom storage needs; I’m not a girly girl with loads of makeup or hair products and the biggest eye-opener I’ve had in the last year, is that I don’t need shampoo or conditioner! I decided to try the ‘no-poo’ experiment and my hair LOVES it. I’ve got very thick and curly hair and I’ve struggled to tame my fly-away hair all my life. Since I stopped using shampoo and conditioner my hair is shiny, healthy and not nearly as frizzy! (I do wash it! I wash it every couple of days with just hot water, giving my scalp a good scrub with my fingers. But I don’t use any product. Every couple of weeks I’ll using baking soda to wash it, and then use apple cider vinegar as a bit of a conditioner.) So there’s two big bottles of product that I no longer have to worry about; and my hair loves me for it. 🙂

How have you organised your RV bathroom? We’d love to see your small bathroom storage ideas.

Bloggin Brandi

Tuesday 25th of February 2020

Love the baskets and storage containers for organization. Always looking for ways to use the walls and vertical space. Like the idea of hanging as well. I feel like I'm always improving my RV.


Saturday 10th of June 2017

Truly love your comment on "no-poo"..less 2 bottles of stuff!!!


Saturday 10th of June 2017

Thanks Cindi :-)

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