Vintage travel trailer remodel – Restoring Hunter

Interior of a remodeled travel trailer with text: Vintage camper remodel.

Restoring Hunter – a vintage travel trailer remodel from Australia I love dreaming over RV renovations and this one is just beautiful.  This is ‘Hunter’, a 1973 16ft Viscount Royal which is a vintage travel trailer remodel coming to you from Down Under! The Viscount brand of caravans were prolific in the 60’s and 70’s … Read more

Camper closet organizers

Folded clothes in fabric storage compartments, with text: Camper closet organizers.

Just because you’re living in an RV and ‘camp’ each night, doesn’t mean that you want to wear cargo trousers and hiking boots every day! And having an organized storage space for your wardrobe is vital. In our tiny little caravan (travel trailer) the number one key to organizing our closet space… was to NOT … Read more

9 Ways to make your RV feel not so small

Boho style RV interior showing kitchen and bed, with text: Tips for making your RV feel bigger.

Interior design tips to make your RV feel bigger When your home is on wheels it goes without saying that your living space is going to be much smaller than you’re used to. On this website I often talk about my favourite small RVs like camper vans or lightweight travel trailers. So this post is … Read more

Class B RV floor plans

Awesome Class B RV floor plans.

This is a monster post with all the Class B RV floor plans that I could find. These are all North American models and where possible, I’ve included the exterior length of the RV, as well as the price. With the small space of a Class B RV, the layout options are limited; so you’d … Read more

Travel Trailer Sofa Replacement

We’ve been looking for a travel trailer sofa replacement for our little travel trailer (14ft Millard Caravan… it’s an Aussie brand) because the U-shaped bench seats currently in there are not very comfortable. And since the storage underneath them is a bit hard to get to, we barely use it. What we really need is … Read more

Lightweight travel trailers with a bathroom

Lightweight travel trailers are quite popular here in Australia. We’ve got one and we love it. We love how we have no concerns about whether our SUV can tow it, and it adds negligible costs to our fuel consumption. However, what our small travel trailer lacks… is a bathroom. (Yes, it’s true!) So when it … Read more

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas for your RV If you’re looking for some small kitchen storage ideas, hopefully these will give you some inspiration for how you can organize the space in your own small RV kitchen. Sometimes I wonder if some of the RV kitchens that I see can actually be classed as a ‘kitchen’; … Read more

The best small Class C motorhomes available now

I continue my fascination (well, okay, obsession) with small RVs, and today is no exception as I go on the hunt for the best small class C motorhomes that I can find. Small Class C motorhomes seem to fit that middle ground just perfectly, where you want something quite compact, but not as compact as … Read more

Small Fifth Wheel Campers – under 25ft (2021)

Fifth wheel camper hitched to a truck. Text overlay: Small fifth wheel campers 2021.

Some of you would have already realised that when it comes to RVs, for me, smaller is better. I’ve harped on about how here in Australia we just don’t have many large RVs, but we’ve got tonnes of smaller RVs (including small fifth wheel campers), but big enough to live in comfortably even if you … Read more

Fall in love | Teardrop Campers For Sale in 2021

Small teardrop camper with rear kitchen. Text overlay: Teardrop campers of 2021

Teardrop Camper For Sale I got to thinking about (and looking for!) a teardrop camper for sale last night, when a tiny home-built teardrop pulled into the show ground… it was a windy, blustery afternoon so they had to find a sheltered spot so they could cook their dinner without the wind whipping out the … Read more