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White RV toilet in a tan bathroom, with text that reads: Everything you need to know about RV toilets.

RV Toilets

Today we’re going to be talking about the thrilling topic of RV toilets. Now there’s a topic I never thought I’d be writing about, and I hardly think that you’re all that thrilled about needing to read up on it, huh!?! In this article about the smallest room in the RV, I’m going to tell …

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Side view of a fifth wheel camper with text overlay that reads, Fifth wheel renovations.

Fifth Wheel Renovations

I’m so jealous of the owners/designers/creators of these fifth wheel renovations. I’m totally impressed with fifth wheels, they look spacious (oh so much space) and have designs to make sense. The reason I’m jealous? Here in New Zealand and Australia, we don’t have very many fifth wheels. They’re much bigger than anything that almost anyone …

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Folded clothes in fabric storage compartments, with text: Camper closet organizers.

Camper closet organizers

Just because you’re living in an RV and ‘camp’ each night, doesn’t mean that you want to wear cargo trousers and hiking boots every day! And having an organized storage space for your wardrobe is vital. In our tiny little caravan (travel trailer) the number one key to organizing our closet space… was to NOT …

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