Scenic view of Tunnel mountain in Banff, Alberta with a small teardrop camper trailer in front.
Beautiful scenic view of Tunnel mountain in Banff, Alberta with a small teardrop camper trailer in front.

The 18 Best Teardrop Campers For Sale in 2024

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I’ve been looking for a teardrop camper for sale and wondering if it’s the right trailer for us. Teardrop campers are the smallest RVs you’ll see on the road, and you can take them most anywhere!

If you’re looking to buy a teardrop camper, in this article I’ll share the pros and cons of this trailer over other options as well as the top options currently on the market.

Let’s start with why teardrops are awesome!

Teardrop_Tiny Camper Mini_kitchen


  • Tiny! This is obvious, but being so small means they can go almost anywhere.
  • Lightweight. You can pull a teardrop trailer with almost any vehicle
  • Essentials. Despite the size, teardrops will have almost everything you need, like a warm bed, cooking facilities, and somewhere to retreat in the rain.
  • Price. These things are cheap! Well, compared to a travel trailer, at least. But not as cheap as a tent!


  • Small. You can’t stand up in a teardrop camper, so you may get cabin fever or feel if the weather is bad.
  • Outside living. Most teardrops are basically just a bed, so you’ll do most of your living outside (which can also be a pro!)
  • No bathroom. You may be limited to staying in campgrounds that have facilities or bringing along a shovel.

Best Teardrop Campers on the Market

This is a list of new teardrop campers for sale that you could buy now.

Teardrop, I’ve learned in my research, is an odd classification.

My idea of a teardrop camper is basically a bed on wheels, with the added benefit of a kitchen on the outside. That’s how most teardrops I’ve seen look! Oh, and they’re in the shape of a tear drop, of course.

But some manufacturers call anything that’s in the shape of a teardrop, a teardrop camper—even though they’ve got a kitchen inside, and a bathroom! I suppose, they are actually correct, it IS in the shape of a tear drop.

But for this list, I’m just looking at those that have the bed inside and the kitchen outside.

Real teardrops, as I could call them.

Let’s jump in.

1. Escapod Teardrop Campers

These teardrops are built for rugged adventure!

Small teardrop camper with roof top tent set up in a remote area
Escapod Trailers

The rood top tent, roof top bike storage, solar panels, awnings—this teardrop is tricked out for adventure! If you want plenty of helpful amenities in a tiny package, this is the teardrop for you.

See all the details over on the Escapod website

2. nuCamp Teardrop Campers

You may already be familiar with nuCamp. I’ve already swooned over their T@B trailers over here, but they also have the TAG and TAG XL teardrop trailers.

These campers are nearly 14′ long and fairly spacious inside. These are very stylish little campers, with luxuries like a TV and air conditioning! And plenty of upgrades for going off-grid if you want to.

You can see more photos and models, on the nuCamp website.

3. Timberleaf Trailers

The beautiful Classic Cabin from Timberleaf Trailers makes me feel like you’re really experiencing the rough and rugged outdoors… without too much of that uncomfortable rough and ruggedness!

I really love the look of these. They stand out among the standard teardrop exterior. She fits right into her natural environment.

See more pictures, details, and specs over at

4. Vintage Overland teardrop trailers

You can tell just from the pictures that Vintage Overland takes great pride in crafting each of their teardrop campers.

Don’t let the Danish-inspired design lead you into thinking this is a European RV! They are built by hand in Colorado. (Yes, you read that right. By hand! No run of the mill manufacturing line here.)

See these beautiful designs and more info on the Vintage Overland website.

5. Polydrops

This is what a teardrop would look like if there were no curves in the world…

Geometric shaped teardrop camper hitched to a Prius

And what a great little design this is! The P19 model is less than 700 pounds (wow!) but there is a family-friendly P21 model that can sleep four.

Find out all the features of this little beauty over on the Polydrops website

6. Little Guy Trailers

Little Guy has some beautiful trailers in the teardrop shape, but many of their models are much bigger than what we’re looking for in this list. (The Little Guy Max is over 3,000 pounds and has an interior height of 6’7″.)

However, they do have the Little Guy Shadow.

The MyPod teardrop camper by Little Guy Trailers.

It has a retro interior design and a queen bed. See more details on the Little Guy Trailers website.

7. Braxton Creek

The Bushwhacker teardrop by Braxton Creek is designed for adventurers who like to get away from it all.

Exterior promo shot of the Braxton Creek Bushwhacker teardrop camper.

The 2024 Bushwhacker offers three floorplans. There’s also a larger version that is more like your conventional bumper pull trailer. You can see all the details over on the Braxton Creek website.

8. Vistabule

Oh, these are cute little teardrops! Their tagline is “Iconic style, modern comfort, exceptional craftsmanship.

Exterior view of the Vistabule Teardrop Camper in a outdoor setting.

See the Vistabule website for all the details.

9. High Camp Trailers

These little beauties have the classic tear drop shape that I love, but with the addition of a roof rack, you’re able to add a couple of awnings. Awnings are a great way to increase the amount of outdoor space you can use, even when it’s raining.

They’ve got a lot more photos over on

10. Aero Teardrop

With a well-equipped kitchen on the back and a sleeping area that converts to a table, The Steel & Steel HC makes a great adventure camper. It’s an odd name for a decidedly unique interior floorplan!

Interior view of the Steel & Steel HC camper by Aero Teardrops; showing the bed converted to a dining area.

Get all the specs and details of the Aero Teardrops Steel & Steel HC camper on their website.

11. Bean Trailer

The Classic Bean may have quite a retro look about it on the outside, but inside it’s modern and sleek.

With slightly bigger dimensions that most teardrops (according to their website) the Bean makes teardrop camping comfortable too.

See all details on the Bean Trailers website.

12. TC Teardrops

The Oasis by TC Teardrop doesn’t have those nice curves like most other teardrop campers do, but it is still in the classic shape. And I wanted to include it in this lineup because it’s an example of a bare bones, no frills camper.

There’s room to add the improvements that you want, instead of paying for a camper that has features you may not care about.

Check out the Oasis by TC Teardrop here.

13. Rift Carbon Camper

Here’s something a little different for you. Rift is a small yet tough little teardrop, and what makes them so tough is that they’re made from carbon fiber. That is also what makes them super light. Less than 500 pounds! This has to be the lightest trailer on this list.

Find out all about the Rift Carbon Camper on their website.

14. Oregon Trailer

Oregon Trailer has 5 different models of teardrop trailer and they are all tiny! Here is the FronTear, but the TDA, DDA, and DODROP all look like they may be even smaller! (Side note: Why do these campers have such bizarre names?!)

Find out about the FronTear and the other trailers in the Oregon Trailer range on their website.

15. Tiny Camper

Now, across to Lithuania where they’re building these great, little Teardrops. Eastern Europe manufacturers a few brands of trailers (or caravans), and, in many instances, the interior design and features far outshine American counterparts.

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Here is the MINI (above) or you can order a DIY kit from them, and build your own teardrop camper!

How cool is that!?

Get all the details over on the website.

16. The Teardrop Camper Company

Let’s end with an Australian manufacturer (since that’s what comes up first in Google, for me).

The Grand Tourer ‘GT’ by The Teardrop Camper Company comes with all the standard teardrop stuff.

Dark blue teardrop camper

See more pictures and different models on their website.

How would you define a teardrop?

Following are a couple of campers that are small and light, but don’t quite fit my criteria above because they are a little more out there.

But if you’re interested in teardrop trailers, these may still fit the bill for you.

17. Hütte Hut

Wooden interior of a bare Hütte Hut tiny camper
Hütte Hut

Wow! These made-to-order trailers out of California are so unique! They still have that teardrop shape, but I’ve never seen a teardrop like this before. Especially not brand new!

Learn more on the Hütte Hut website.

18. Earth Traveler Teardrop Trailers

These futuristic looking campers really are the future IMO, and they can be customized in dozens of different ways. They don’t have the kitchen galley on the back of the trailer like all the others (but you can add a kitchen unit).

Woman standing beside a small teardrop camper

They may look like many other teardrops…until they open up!

Small teardrop camper with pop-up roof and open sides
Earth Traveler Teardrop Camper

I kind of love it. Check out more details on the Earth Traveler website

18 Best Teardrop Campers for Sale in 2024

I love the fact that teardrop campers are so small. They enable you to have a comfortable and warm bed for the night and you don’t have to put up a tent.

You have the convenience of a kitchen, even if it is outdoors, yet it’s small enough to be towed by almost any vehicle. You can have comfort, without having to upgrade to a gas-guzzling beast.

Not sure that a teardrop camper is right for you? Try one of these instead:

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