RV Interiors | Are there any that look modern?

The other week, my friend Ashley over at RVinspiration.com wrote about the moves that Keystone are making to upgrade their RV interiors. They’ve started with the Fuzion toy haulers and the Bullet travel trailers; and they look great! Click here to open up a new tab to read the article. The response to these new … Read more

Why is fulltime RV living becoming so popular now?

It was just over two years ago, that Ben and I were living in New Zealand, feeling like our lives were going exactly nowhere, and not sure how we were going to get out of the boring life we’d created for ourselves. I had already started this blog RVObsession.com and was loving doing all the … Read more

Travel Trailer Sofa Replacement

We’ve been looking for a travel trailer sofa replacement for our little travel trailer (14ft Millard Caravan… it’s an Aussie brand) because the U-shaped bench seats currently in there are not very comfortable. And since the storage underneath them is a bit hard to get to, we barely use it. What we really need is … Read more

RV Campground Etiquette | How to be a good RV park neighbor

RV Campground Etiquette - lessons on how to be a good RV park neighbor

In this article we’re going to look at those arbitrary and unspoken rules that govern every campsite, that RV campground etiquette that you ‘should’ know if you’re a respectful human being, but you may not know if you’ve never lived in close quarters with others or lived a life where you have all your worldly … Read more

Small Fifth Wheel Campers

Some of you would have already realised that when it comes to RVs, for me, smaller is better. I’ve harped on about how here in Australia we just don’t have many large RVs, but we’ve got tonnes of smaller RVs (including small fifth wheel campers), but big enough to live in comfortably even if you … Read more

A Brief Overview of Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitches

rusty trailer hitch

I’ve been crushing hard on some fifth wheel trailers lately, as we’ve been holed up in our tiny 14ft caravan, in the sweltering Australian heat, with a little portable air conditioner that can’t keep up once we’re out of the shade of the nearby tree… I’ve been coveting (jealously and overtly) the few fifth wheelers … Read more

Doing Laundry in an RV

Does anyone enjoy doing laundry? Let alone doing laundry when you live in an RV? It’s annoying enough when you live in a house and you have to go and find all the laundry, stick it in the machine, remember to come back and take it out of the washing machine and into the dryer, … Read more

RV Christmas Decorations

RV Christmas Decorations

The silly season is fast approaching, so I thought I’d get super organized (for once) and take a look at the christmas decorations that will work specifically for our RV. This will be our first christmas in our caravan and I’m looking forward to adding some RV christmas decorations to our interior; but since christmas … Read more

The Enemy of all Good RV Storage Solutions – Clutter

There really are a lot of great space saving ideas and RV storage solutions to be found on the internet. Just google ‘rv storage solutions’ and you’re hit with a ton of great ideas. I have a bit of a fascination with storage and organization myself (yeah, other than the obsession with RVs) but I’m … Read more

RV Kitchen Storage Solutions

RV Kitchen Storage Solutions - get tips and ideas for how to store everything from spices to wine glasses.

It can be a bit difficult to find RV kitchen storage solutions because we all have totally different RVs. Add to that the fact that we all eat different things, cook differently, travel differently and have different priorities; and it may seem impossible to find the RV kitchen storage solutions to suit you. But don’t … Read more