Interior view of the Happier Camper HC1 Studio fiberglass travel trailer.
Happier Camper HC1 Studio

Small Fiberglass Travel Trailers (with a bathroom) 2024

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Small Fiberglass Travel Trailers

Do you love the idea of traveling in an RV, but are determined to keep it as small and light as possible in order to go wherever you want? 

With a small towable RV you may be able to use your current vehicle to tow it, and store it at home when not in use.

One type of travel trailer that keeps coming up on my radar, is fiberglass travel trailers. They fit the small and light criteria, but they also have that basic requirement (of mine) of having a bathroom (toilet and shower) onboard.

Today, we’re going to look at these small fiberglass travel trailers and see what all the fuss is about!

Travel trailers are generally made from 3 different materials, wood, aluminium or fiberglass. 

There are lots of RVs that have fiberglass siding, or a composite fiberglass material, but I’m particularly looking at campers that are made from molded fiberglass.

We’ve already looked at quite a few small RVs; check them out here: Small RVs

Benefits of a small fiberglass RV

The benefits of fiberglass over other materials is that it is that it has less places where a leak can form. Many RVs will spring a leak in a seam, like where the roof meets the walls. But in a fiberglass trailer the walls and roof are one piece, so there’s no joins.

Fiberglass campers have good insulation properties and are lightweight which makes them a good option for towing behind a car or SUV.

So let’s have a look at what fiberglass travel trailers are available on the market now…

Small fiberglass travel trailer brands

North American fiberglass RV manufacturers

Scamp Lightweight Travel Trailers

Scamp is well known for their range of small fiberglass travel trailers; not least because of their distinctive look. That familiar egg shape and cream colored exterior makes them instantly recognisable.

They’ve been going since the early 70’s and make travel trailers and fifth wheels in 13’ – 19’ lengths.

The smallest in their range is the 13’, and in that tiny space they still manage to fit a bathroom.

It’s not the prettiest decor, but it’s certainly a functional space.

Small 13' Scamp travel trailer exterior side view.
Scamp 13′
Interior view of the Scamp 13' fiberglass travel trailer.
Scamp 13′
Floor plan of the Scamp 13' fiberglass travel trailer with a bathroom.
Scamp 13′

Scamp Trailers

ModelFloorplanLengthUVW / Dry Weight (lbs)
Scamp 13′Deluxe13′1500
Scamp 13′Standard13′1500
Scamp 16′Deluxe16′1,900
Scamp 16′Standard16′1,900

Oliver Travel Trailers

Oliver Travel Trailers have just two models that they manufacture, the Legacy Elite at 18’5” and the Legacy Elite II at 23’6”.

Still a small (and light) rig, but big enough to be very comfortable. And the decor is much more appealing too!

Side exterior view of an Oliver Legacy Elite travel trailer.
Oliver Legacy Elite
White interior of a Oliver Travel Trailers looking towards the rear
Oliver Legacy Elite
Floorplan of a Oliver fiberglass Travel Trailer
Oliver Legacy Elite

Oliver Travel Trailers

ModelOverall LengthGVWR (lbs)SleepsPrice Range
Legacy Elite18’55,0003$65,500
Legacy Elite II23’67,0003$73,500

Escape Trailers

Escape trailers has a slow and steady start into manufacturing their fiberglass travel trailers and fifth wheels, but now they have 6 models in their range (5 travel trailers), starting at 17’8”, up to 21’2”.

Exterior of white, small fiberglass travel trailer
Escape 17B
Interior view of a fiberglass travel trailer
Escape 17B
Escape 17B

Escape Trailers

ModelOverall LengthGVWR (lbs)Price
Escape 17A17’84,000$33,295
Escape 17B17’84,000$34,720
Escape 1919’65,000$39,170
Escape 21C21’45,000$42,195
Escape 21NE21’45,000$42,195

Bigfoot RV Fiberglass Campers

The 2500 series of fiberglass travel trailers by Bigfoot RV include 3 campers ranging from 17’5 to 25’6.

The pictures below are of the B17FB which is their smallest one.

Exterior view of the Bigfoot B17FB fiberglass travel trailer.
Bigfoot B17FB
Interior view of the Bigfoot B17FB fiberglass travel trailer.
Bigfoot B17FB
Floor plan of the Bigfoot B17FB fiberglass travel trailer.
Bigfoot B17FB

Bigfoot RV

ModelFloorplanOverall LengthUVW / Dry Weight (lbs)GVWR (lbs)
2500 SeriesB17FB17’53,3604,300
2500 SeriesB2121’64,5537,500
2500 SeriesB2525’65,5637,500

Armadillo Trailers

Armadillo just has two models on offer; their signature ‘Armadillo’ model is just 13’6” but doesn’t have a bathroom.

But their ‘Backpack’ model is just 4” longer and one of the layout options includes a bathroom.

Small, white fiberglass camper with bright blue sky behind
Armadillo Backpack
Light colored interior of a small fiberglass travel trailer
Armadillo Backpack
Floorplan of an Armadillo Trailer
Armadillo Backpack

Armadillo Trailers

ModelOverall LengthGVWR (lbs)Bathroom TypePrice
Armadillo13’62,700No bathroom$33,900 CDN
Backpack14′2,700Optional toilet$36,900 CDN

Casita Travel Trailers

Casita has 5 travel trailer models that are all 17′ single axle trailers, but they have different layouts. You can choose between the standard (no bathroom) or deluxe (wet bath included).

White egg-shaped camper
Casita Independence Deluxe
Modern interior of a Casita travel trailer
Casita Independence Deluxe
Floorplan of Casita travel trailer
Casita Independence Deluxe

Casita Travel Trailers

ModelFloorplanSleepsBathroom TypePrice
FreedomDeluxe2Combined shower & toilet$26,996
FreedomStandard4No bathroom$25,298
HeritageDeluxe2-4Combined shower & toilet$26,996
HeritageStandard6No bathroom$25,298
IndependenceDeluxe2Combined shower & toilet$26,996
IndependenceStandard2-4No bathroom$25,298
LibertyDeluxe2Combined shower & toilet$26,996
LibertyStandard2-4No bathroom$25,298
SpiritDeluxe2-3Combined shower & toilet$26,996
SpiritStandard2-5No bathroom$25,298

Happier Campers

The beauty of these cute little Happier Camper travel trailers is that they have modular components that can be moved around to suit how you want to use your camper.

They have three models in their range of fiberglass travel trailers, and the HC1 Studio includes a corner wet bath.

Exterior view of the Happier Camper HC1 Studio fiberglass travel trailer.
Happier Camper HC1 Studio
Interior view of the Happier Camper HC1 Studio fiberglass travel trailer.
Happier Camper HC1 Studio
Floor plan of the Happier Camper HC1 Studio fiberglass travel trailer.
Happier Camper HC1 Studio

Happier Camper

ModelOverall LengthBathroom TypePrice
HC113’5Optional portable toilet only$29,950
HC1 Breeze13’5Optional portable toilet only$24,950
HC1 Studio13’5Combined shower & toilet$39,950
HC1 Venture13’5Optional portable toilet only$34,950
Traveler17′Combined shower & toilet$64,950

Cortes Campers

With 4 lengths to choose from (13′ to 27′) you should be able to find a size that fits you. These 4 season campers will keep you comfortable year round, and they’ve got another, longer, model in the pipeline too.

I think their most popular one is the 17′ as they’ve got the most information about this one.

Blue and white exterior of a small fiberglass travel trailer.
Cortes 17
Interior view of a cortes 17 travel trailer showing the dining area.
Cortes 17
Floorplan of a cortes 17 travel trailer.
Cortes 17

Cortes Campers

ModelOverall LengthUVW / Dry Weight (lbs)Sleeps
Cortes 1313′2,5402
Cortes 1618′2,5402-3
Cortes 1718’12,6802
Cortes 2218’102,9004-5

Barefoot by nüCamp

These British designed fibreglass campers have recently teamed up with nuCamp to bring these comfortable and stylish 13’ camper to the North American market.

Teal blue exterior of a nüCamp Barefoot camper.
Barefoot by nüCamp
Interior of a nüCamp Barefoot camper.
Barefoot by nüCamp
Floorplan of a nüCamp Barefoot camper.
Barefoot by nüCamp

Barefoot by nüCamp

ModelOverall LengthUVW / Dry Weight (lbs)GVWR (lbs)

European fibreglass caravan manufacturers

Freedom Caravans

These Freedom caravans aren’t the one or two piece molded shell like all the other campers shown here, but it’s made up of 6 fibreglass panels which are then clamped together and every joint is then fiberglassed to create a one-piece shell.

Little white caravan parked in a green field
Freedom Caravans
Interior of a small fibreglass caravan
Freedom Caravans
Small fibreglass caravan floorplan - by Freedom Caravans
Freedom Caravans


Wingamm are an Italian RV manufacturer that produce motorhomes and caravans. They’ve got a small, yet stylish Rookie 3.5 & Rookie Cross which are both 16’4”, and the RookieL which is 19’6”.

Wingamm small, white, fiberglass camper in a green field
Modern interior of a Wingamm Rookie fiberglass travel trailer
Floorplan of a Wingamm Rookie fiberglass travel trailer

Questions about fiberglass travel trailers

Those are all the fibreglass / fiberglass travel trailers I’ve been able to find online.

But we still have a few questions…

Are fiberglass travel trailers better?

If you’re looking for a small and light camper, then yes, a fiberglass travel trailer may be the best option for you. 

They’re light, well insulated and not as prone to leaking as other RV materials.

What is the best fiberglass travel trailer?

You can’t beat a single piece of molded fiberglass, where there are no seams to leak and deteriorate. The Europeans have got it right with the Wingam Rookie and the Barefoot caravans.

How long do fiberglass trailers last?

As long as it is well maintained, a fibeglass travel trailer can last a really long time. You’ll find some Boler campers that were manufactured in the 60’s, still going strong today.

But fiberglass doesn’t tolerate UV sunlight very well, so it needs to be protected from UV. Also water ingress through a leaky window or vent, over time can cause damage to non-fiberglass parts in the trailer.

So maintenance is key to making sure your fiberglass trailer lasts a long time.

Which fibreglass travel trailer do you favor?

I think the layout and interior decor of the Casita are my favorite, it fits a lot into a (very) small camper, but has a modern and clean feel.

Which fiberglass travel trailer is your favorite?

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