The Best Small RV Campervans in 2024

Following is a list of the best small RV campervans from around the world available in 2024.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love small RVs for their nimble ability to take you everywhere. Even with a family of four, we love a campervan under 25 feet that can park anywhere.

With everything we need on board, we can camp on the beach for the night and sip on local wine while we watch the sunset.

Camping on the beach in New Zealand

We can travel anywhere through the national parks and fit in most campsites. A small RV campervan is one of the best ways to have all the comforts of home while still exploring off the beaten path.

In this list, I’ve included only new 2024 small RV campervans. Large motorhomes and trailers are more common in the US, but small campervans reign in popularity worldwide. As an international RV traveler, I’ve included models from multiple continents on this list.

Don’t worry—this list only includes campervans with an onboard bathroom!

RV, Class B, or Campervan?

While in America we commonly refer to small motorhomes as “Class B” RVs or Class B vans, much of the rest of the world calls them campervans. These campervans may be larger than van conversions, but the main difference is that these are manufactured rigs, not custom builds.

Most manufacturers make Class Bs if they make motorhomes. These are usually available in multiple floorplans and lengths. I note the smallest campervans of their available models in this list. See the manufacturer’s website for alternate floorplans.

Best Small RV Campervans of 2024

This list is in no particular order or ranking, but I do have to first share what I believe is the most popular campervan in America!

Revel by Winnebago

Photo Credit: Alyssa Padgett

Continent: North America

Manufacturer: Winnebago

First released in 2017, I was honored to be one of the first people to test drive and play with the Winnebago Revel. We took it up to the mountains of Colorado (pictured above) and immediately wanted to trade in our 30-footer for this off-road-ready vehicle!

Interior of the small Winnebago Revel camper van, looking towards the rear doors
All product photos on this list belong to their respective manufacturers unless otherwise noted.

I think what makes the Revel so special is not only its small size (19.5 feet or about 6 meters), but all of the bells and whistles on board. Equipped with enough solar and batteries to stay off grid for seven days, there are extra large holding tanks, gap-free insulation for winter camping, and an automatic transmission that can carry you anywhere.

Winnebago Revel floor plan.
The power lift bed leave room for storing large gear like bikes.

So many bloggers have tried and loved the Winnebago Revel. I love this video by my friends Kara and Nate comparing a custom-built van to the manufactured (and more expensive) Winnebago Revel.

I love the layout of the Winnebago Revel and how well it maximizes the space (particularly in the bathroom!). It’s perfectly positioned as an adventure vehicle for those who like to get out in the wild and enjoy nature. 

Learn More: Visit Winnebago’s website for more specs and features of the Revel.

Interstate Nineteen by Airstream

Exterior view of the Airstream Interstate Nineteen camper van.

Continent: North America

Manufacturer: Airstream

Did you know that Airstream doesn’t just make trailers? They stopped making motorhomes a few decades ago, but their Sprinter vans are just as incredible as their iconic trailers!

The Interstate Nineteen is the smallest of the Airstream campervans. Measuring at—you guessed it!—19 feet, they offer unique layout options and are more designed for traveling in style than camping. The interiors are luxurious with a price tag to match, but would you expect anything less from Airstream?

Floorplan of the Airstream Interstate 19 campervan

I don’t love this van because I don’t see how it would be ideal for sleeping on that couch. There may be enough seatbelts for four, but there is only enough sleeping room for two max. This wouldn’t be a bad rig for long road trips with the family, particularly if you camped in a tent or stayed in cabins.

See a full walk-through of the Interstate Nineteen by Airstream in this video:

Learn More: See more of the Airstream Interstate Nineteen

SS Agile by Roadtrek

Exterior view of a white Roadtrek SS Agile campervan.

Continent: North America (Canadian)

Manufacturer: Road Trek

Agile is the perfect name for this tiny van! Roadtrek has an amazing reputation and a cult-like following from its owners. Known for their quality, you’ll see decades-old Roadtrek campervans still puttering around.

Interior of the SS Agile, a small RV / camper van looking towards the seating/bed area in the rear.

This campervan rings in at 19 feet with a convertible bed and seating area. There is more storage onboard than I typically see in campervans, and it has high-end features like the Truma heating system.

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This quick one-minute walkthrough video can give you a better idea of the floorplan and the interior design.

One thing I don’t love is the way the cabinets block your sliding door. Campervans of this size will not have onboard air conditioning, so you’ll need fans and windows for airflow. Keeping the sliding door open is one of the best ways to keep an RV cool, and this doorway is a little small.

Learn More: Love it? See more of the Roadtrek SS Agile.

Nova by Coachman

Side view of white camper van

Continent: North America

Manufacturer: Coachman

My first RV was a Coachman, and let me tell you, it was nowhere near as nice as this! The Coachman offers a clean, minimalist interior.

Interior of a beige/brown camper van, looking towards the rear doors, showing a bench seat on each side.

This isn’t a 4WD campervan like the Revel, but with the rear bathroom and bike racks, it has a great adventure layout! I’m partial to rear bathrooms in RVs like this because they are great for extra storage of dirty gear. It keeps the rig cleaner, and most wild campers don’t use the onboard shower often anyway.

Floorplan diagram of the Coachmen RV Nova camper van

Since it is built on the Dodge Ram chassis instead of Mercedes, this is one of the cheaper American-manufactured campervans on this list.

Learn More: Visit the Coachman website to see specs for the Nova

Xcursion by Fleetwood RV

Exterior side view of a white Xcursion campervan by Fleetwood RV.

Continent: North America

Manufacturer: Fleetwood

Interior view of the Fleetwood RV 2024  Xcursion Class B RV showing the kitchen and seating area.

Fleetwood just released the new 2024 Xcursion built on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis. This Class B diesel rig measures in at 19.5 feet for the smallest floorplan. (The largest floorplan measures at over 24 feet!)

Floor plan of the new Fleetwood RV 2024 Xcursion camper van.

This new campervan is all white and grey—inside and out. The look is a very fresh, no-fuss interior, though the floorplan looks a little crowded in photos. This is one that I would want to check out all four layouts to see which one would best suit my needs.

Learn More: Get more details on the all new Fleetwood Xcursion here

Bayside by Chinook RV

Continent: North America

Manufacturer: Chinook RV

Interior of the Chinook RV Bayside Class B RV looking towards the rear of the van.

Not as well known as others on this list, Chinook is also set up in Indiana with many of these motorhome manufacturers.

Chinook RV Bayside Class B RV floor plan.

Built on the Ford Transit chassis (American-made all the way!), this is a rare gas engine. I also love the way the power sofa bed is placed closer to the door so you can actually sit and enjoy the views in comfort!

Learn More: See more information on the Chinook Bayside.

Arriva by Coach House

Side view of a white Coach House Arriva Class B RV, with the side door open.

Continent: North America

Manufacturer: Coach House

Rear view of a Coach House Arriva Class B RV, with the doors open showing the bathroom.

I had never heard of Coach House (based in Florida) before researching this list! I heard it said once that for American RV manufacturers to stand out, they need to operate away from Elkhart, Indiana. With so many RV builders in one place, they use the same parts and the same builders, and it’s hard to distinguish manufacturers. I think that idea really shines through in the Arriva. Look at those classy interiors!

Floor plan of the Coach House Arriva Class B RV.

The stand-out feature of this van is the high-quality interior design and the bathroom layout. Look how spacious it is compared to other campervans!

Learn More: See more photos and specs for the Arriva by Coach House here.

Ethos by Entegra Coach

Exterior view of a dark grey Entegra Coach Ethos Class B RV with the pop top roof extended.

Continent: North America

Manufacturer: Entegra

When I think of Entegra, I think of Class Cs and humungous diesel pushers. (They have eight models of Class A and 10 models of Class Cs!)

But they also have a lesser-known line of four different Class Bs, the smallest of which is the Ethos.

Entegra Coach Ethos Class B RV floor plan.

This is the only coach on this list so far that sleeps four! The pop-top roof allows for a loft sleeping area.

You can see what the pop-top looks like in this video walkthrough:

Learn more about the Ethos van on the Entegra Coach website.

EKKO by Winnebago

I didn’t want to do it. Two campervans by one manufacturer seems a little biased. But from the moment he saw it, my husband fell in love with this RV. Look at this man, so excited he took a selfie with it.

Continent: North America

Manufacturer: Winnebago

I’ve owned a few Winnebagos over the years (so maybe I am biased 😬 ) and when the Ekko was released, it was apparent that this was the RV I was waiting for! It sleeps four with a pop top, similar to the Entegra above. It rides smooth, something I can’t say for every Class B I’ve ridden in.

winnebago ekko

Pros: This RV has EVERYTHING! From off-road capabilities to a full bathroom to room for the whole family!

Cons: The price tag reflects that.

Put it on the wish list!

Learn More: See more details and specs for the Ekko.

Strada by Grech RV

Grech RV Strada Class B RV parked in the woods with the side door open and camping equipment set up outside.

Continent: North America

Manufacturer: Grech Motors

Interior view of a Grech RV Strada Class B RV looking towards the back of the van.

This layout and design reminds me of the Interstate Nineteen by Airstream, but with even more seating.

Grech RV Strada Class B RV floor plan.

Grech RV builds a number of Class B models, and you can check them all out on the Grech RV website.

Comet by Jayco

Exterior of a dark grey Jayco Comet Class B RV.

Continent: North America

Manufacturer: Jayco

Interior view of the Jayco Comet Class B RV showing the lounge and kitchen area with light colored decor.

At less than 18ft, the Comet is compact and the smallest American campervan on this list! And it even has a wet bath. If that wasn’t reason enough to love it, I’m falling in love with these bright and beautiful interiors!

Floor plan of a Jayco Comet Class B RV.

New to the Jayco line of motorhomes, the Comet is perfect for city camping, where having a small and nimble vehicle makes life so much easier. This guy can definitely fit in a standard parking spot!

Check out this promo video tour:

Learn More: Visit the Jayco website.

Small RV Campervans in Europe

There are many manufacturing options across America, but for those of us in the rest of the world, there is no lack of choices either!

Let’s hop across the pond to Europe, where campervans are known for their modern, stylish interiors.

Carrera by Swift Motorhomes

Exterior view of the 2022 Swift Select camper van.

Country: United Kingdom

Manufacturer: Swift Motorhomes

The Carrera comes in 5 different layouts, accommodating 2-4 people in seating and sleeping. Because this RV is built in the UK, it will have the driving capabilities all on the left side of the vehicle.

Here’s a video walkthrough showing the features on two of the Carrera floorplans:

Price: from £71,495

I have not included pricing for American rigs on this list, but they are all above $100K USD. I did want to include this price to show that rigs in Europe are MUCH more affordable than American RVs! (A fact I constantly use to convince my husband to spend more time RVing in Europe.)

Learn More: Click here to see more the Swift Carrera.

V-Line SE by Auto-Trail

Exterior view of a 2023 Auto-Trail V-Line SE 540 camper van with grey paintowork.

Country: United Kingdom

Manufacturer: Auto Trail

Interior view of a 2023 Auto-Trail V-Line SE 540 camper van looking towards the front of the vehicle.

This little beauty is only 5.4M (under 18 feet) so it’s the smallest one I’ve seen out of Europe! But it has all the comforts of home that you need, including a bathroom.

2023 Auto-Trail V-Line SE 540 camper van floorplan.

Price: from £67,472 (roughly $85,000 USD)

Check out this video tour to better see the floorplan options:

Click here to see more of the Auto-Trail V-Line

Twin Axess – by Adria

Country: Slovenia

Manufacturer: Twin Axess

I’ve rented a few Adria motorhomes, and for the most part, I like them. They do seem a little cheaper than some other brands, but that could be in part because they were rentals and had been through the ringer by many campers!

This one looks much more luxurious than the V-Line above to me and is made in mainland Europe. I’ve rented a similar floorplan to this (rear twin that combines into roughly the size of a king), and it’s surprisingly comfortable for a family of four.

Here is a video tour of the Adria Matrix that I filmed in 2022 while traveling across France:

Learn More: See more of the Adria Twin Layouts

Venture S by Hymer

No campervan list is complete without a product by Hymer. Hymer is one of the most innovative, forward-thinking, disruptive manufacturers worldwide. This next RV proves it. Meet the Venture S—the ONLY two-story campervan on this list.

Country: Germany

Manufacturer: Hymer

When I say two-story, this campervan offers much more than just a pop top like those copycat American RVs. Hymer is known for being so creative that it is unbelievable. Just check out these cabinets/staircase to the second floor!

Photos do not do this RV justice. You’ll need to watch this video tour:

Hands down, this is the most beautiful manufactured campervan I have ever seen!

Learn all about this incredible RV on the Hymer website.

Bürstner Lyseo

Country: Germany

Manufacturer: Bürstner

I have to share this European motorhome last because the only place I’ve actually camped in it was New Zealand! Smaller countries like New Zealand ship in RVs from Australia or Europe. I rented this particular model from Wilderness Motorhomes.

I instantly fell in love with this RV, as you can see in this tour video.

This video is from 2018, but you can see the updated interiors and floorplans on the Bürstner website.

Learn More: See your options with Bürstner campervans here.

Small RV Campervans in Australia

Let’s head down under where camping is just as popular—if not moreso—than it is in Europe and America.

Wattle by Horizon Motorhomes

Country: Australia

Manufacturer: Horizon Motorhomes

I love these Class B campervans by Horizon Motorhomes! I love following them on Instagram and seeing people enjoying the Australian landscape, soaking in all its beauty. I’m instantly jealous and want to be out there too, and in one of their vans!

Price: from AUD $184,000

Click here to see more of the Horizon Motorhomes Wattle.

JRV Campervan by Jayco

Outside view of the Jayco JRV 19-1 campervan.

Country: Australia

Manufacturer: Jayco

Listen to this familiar name! Yes, the same Jayco brand is built in Australia, with a few country-specific adaptations of course!

Interior of the Jayco JRV 19-1 campervan looking towards the bed in the back.

Jayco must be one of the biggest manufacturers of caravans in Australia, but they’re not nearly so well known for their motorhome and campervan range. However, their popular name and huge dealer network for the caravans (or trailers as we call them in the States) helps them get these campervans out there, too.

Layout diagram of the Jayco JRV 19-1 campervan.

Price: from AUD $127,500

Click here to see more of the Jayco JRC Campervan

Honorable Mention: Campervans in Asia

Camping is not as popular in Asia as it is in America, Europe, and Australia. But it is very popular in Japan! We recently rented an RV, the Evolyte, to tour the country.

I was surprised that I fell in love with this tiny 16-footer! This is one of my favorite RV layouts ever, it is just missing a bathroom 😬 Check it out in this video:

Worldwide Report: The Best Small RV Campervans in 2024

Which small RV campervan from this list most caught your eye? Do any of these small RV campervans fit your requirements?

Or do you have any others that you think I should add to this list? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll add it!

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