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Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers under 35ft

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Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel campers less than 35′ length

Looking for a fifth wheel toy hauler in 2024, but don’t want something too big?

We’ve compiled a list of all the 5th wheel campers that have a toy hauler garage and put them altogether in one post.

But be warned… there aren’t very many that fit into this criteria; there’s only four manufacturers actually!

Forest River Sandstorm 286GSLR

The Sandstorm 286GSLR would make a great RV for a family; with plenty of space inside and seating for everyone, plus the garage area could be used for hauling toys and converted into a bedroom for the kids at night; or just be a permanent bedroom.

The ramp can also be set up as a patio area which makes a great place to relax in the evening, or a safe play space for younger children.

Floor plan of a Forest River Sandstorm 286GSLR.
Interior of Forest River Sandstorm 286GSLR showing spacious living room that converts to garage.

Sleeps: 4-6
Length: 33’5
GVWR: 14,210
Price: from $65,533

Forest River have a number of other models of fifth wheel toy haulers that are less than 35ft. They also have Shockwave, Stealth, XLR Micro Boost and XLR Nitro.

KZ Sportster 280TH

With a very similar layout to the Forest River Sandstorm above, the Sportster would make a great RV for an adventurous family.

Interior of KZ Sportster 280TH.
Floor plan of a KZ Sportster 280TH.

Sleeps: 2-4
Length: 32’6
GVWR: 11,500
Price: MSRP $84,999

Eclipse Attitude Pro Series 2816SAG

This layout obviously works the best for these shorter length fifth wheel toy haulers.

With the bed up in the loft area, walk-through bathroom, then kitchen, living area and garage, there’s room for all the toys and for everyone to spread out.

Sleeps: 4
Length: 31′
GVWR: 14,000
Price: from $55,950

Eclipse also have >35ft toy haulers in their other 2 fifth wheel models, the Iconic and Stellar.

Genesis Supreme 2916GCK

Again, this layout really appeals to me. It makes the fifth wheel feel spacious, even though it’s only a ‘short’ 30’5″

Exterior view of Genesis Supreme 2916GCK.
Floor Plan of a Genesis Supreme 2916GCK.

Sleeps: 2-4
Length: 30’5
GVWR: 12,000

You could also check out the MGM and Vortex models by Genesis.

So while there are only 4 manufacturers with fifth wheel toy haulers under 35ft, there are actually 12 models and 35 floor plans!

Here they all are:

EclipseAttitude Pro-Lite2816SAG31′4
EclipseAttitude Wide Lite2919SAG34’64
EclipseAttitude Wide Lite3016SS35′4
EclipseIconic Pro-Lite2816CKG31′4
EclipseIconic Wide Lite2919CK34’64
EclipseIconic Wide Lite3016SG35′4
EclipseStellar Pro-Lite3220DBG30’54
EclipseStellar Pro-Lite2816DBG31′4
EclipseStellar Wide Lite2919DBG34’64
EclipseStellar Wide Lite30SKS35′4
Forest RiverSandstorm286GSLR33’54-6
Forest RiverShockwave2710RLX34′4-6
Forest RiverShockwave2800RLT34′4-6
Forest RiverShockwave28FWGDX33’54-6
Forest RiverStealthSA2816G33’54-6
Forest RiverStealth2710SLX34′4-6
Forest RiverStealth2800SLT34′4-6
Forest RiverXLR Micro Boost301XLRE32’64-6
Forest RiverXLR Micro Boost335LRLE-DSO32’64-6
Forest RiverXLR Micro Boost335XLRE32’64-6
Forest RiverXLR Micro Boost301LRLE-DSO32’64-8
Forest RiverXLR Nitro28DK535′4-8
Genesis SupremeGenesis2916GCK30′ ½2-4
Genesis SupremeGenesis28CR30’62-4
Genesis SupremeGenesis28IKS34’92-4
Genesis SupremeGenesis30GS34’92-4
Genesis SupremeMGM285CRT32’104-6
Genesis SupremeMGM325IKS34’94-6
Genesis SupremeVortex2916VCK30′ ½4
Genesis SupremeVortex2815VT32’102-4
Genesis SupremeVortex2815V34’62-4
Genesis SupremeVortex2814IKS34’92-4
Genesis SupremeVortex3016VF34’92-4

If you want to see ALL the toy haulers we could find, we’ve put them all together on one big spreadsheet and included the exterior dimensions, weights, bed layout, bathroom, solar and air conditioning/heating; with links to each model. This way you can filter the data for the criteria that’s important to you.

Buy the Toy Hauler Master List here

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