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Top 5 Small Fifth Wheel Campers in 2024

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When it comes to RVs, I say smaller is better. Many fifth wheels are large enough to live in full-time. But small fifth wheel campers are harder to come by!

Why a small fifth wheel camper?

A small fifth wheel camper is great because you don’t need an extra large tow vehicle. A fifth wheel hitch centered on your truck bed, compared to a travel trailer being towed from a tow bar, is easier to maneuver and control.

Going small with a fiver may seem counter-intuitive when large fifth wheels are clearly more popular. More space can feel more appealing.

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But there are other reasons to consider a small fifth wheel! Since the word ‘small’ is a bit subjective, I’m limiting this search to anything under 27ft and must include a full bathroom.

Let’s start touring some small fifth wheels!

Small Fifth Wheel Campers

The Escape 5.0

Side view of small Escape 5.0 fifth wheel camper
Escape 5.0

We start off with a fiberglass fifth wheel from the Canadian company Escape Trailer Industries. They do have 7 fiberglass trailers in their range, but Escape 5.0 is their only fifth wheel. Ringing in at 21’2”, this layout packs a punch.

This isn’t my favorite layout, but it includes everything you need in a traveling home—so long as you like a wet bath!

What’s a wet bath?

A wet bath is a bathroom where your toilet and sink are essentially in your shower. They will get wet while you shower and the walls and floor are equipped for that! They are most commonly seen in vans and truck campers.

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Interior view of the Escape 5.0 fifth wheel camper showing the kitchen and dining area.

Their decor options are light, neutral, and contemporary, but they have other more traditional wooden interiors if that is your preference.

Quick Specs:

  • Length: 21’2″
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Dry Weight: 3,910lbs
  • GVWR: 5,500lbs
  • Price: $44,510 USD

Learn more: Get all the specs on this small fifth wheel here.

KZ Sportsmen

Exterior of the KZ RV Sportsmen 231RK fifth wheel trailer.

The 231RK model from KZ comes in at 24′ 10″. It’s the smallest of their fifth wheel range but has all the bells and whistles that we have all come to expect from the much larger rigs.

Floor plan of the KZ RV Sportsmen 231RK fifth wheel trailer.

I like the layout with the kitchen on the back wall, a rare find that instantly makes a rig more spacious! The entry is straight into the kitchen, giving more privacy to the bedroom. This rig fits in everything I could want in a home and nothing more.

Interior view of the KZ RV Sportsmen 231RK fifth wheel trailer shwoing the kitchen and living areas.

Decor is a little more contemporary than other RVs I’ve seen, but’s not great. I would immediately add my own couch to give the space some style!

Quick Specs:

  • Length: 24’10″
  • Sleeps: 5
  • UVW: 6,340lbs
  • GVWR: 7,5000lbs
  • Price: from $50,422 USD

Learn more: See more floorplans and pricing details on the KZ website here.


It will never get cuter than anything built by Scamp! Their silhouettes are iconic, even if you didn’t know they also make fifth wheels! They have everything small and light covered, even fivers.

At just 19’, it is the smallest of the small fifth wheel campers on this list! Thankfully, it still manages to fit in a small wet bath, but no walkable bedroom like other fifth wheels.

Interior options include either Oak or Birch, and are perfect for a cabin vibe (if a little dated).

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Quick Specs:

  • Length: 19
  • Sleeps: 6

Learn More: Shop the floorplans and details for Scamp Trailers

Allen Camper Manufacturing / Idle-Time

Exterior of the Idle-Time (Allen Camper Manufacturing) 199RB fifth wheel camper.

This small manufacturer out of Allen, Oklahoma produces a range of small trailers and fifth wheels.

The 199RB model is their smallest fifth wheel…and I LOVE it! 

Allen Camper fifth wheel floor plan
Allen Camper Manufacturing 199RB

22 feet is the perfect length for a small fifth wheel camper. Everything takes up only as much as it needs while still fitting everything.

Contemporary interior of an Idle-Time (Allen Camper Manufacturing) 199RB fifth wheel camper.

The interiors are better than other fifth wheels. A coat of paint and some decor would completely change these interiors while keeping the great floorplan!

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Quick Specs:

  • Length: 22′
  • Sleeps: 4

Learn More: See all the details on the Idle Time website

Grand Design RV

Exterior side view of the Grand Design RV Reflection 100 Series 22RK fifth wheel camper.

The Reflection 100 Series 22RK sneaks its way onto the list, peaking in at 26’11”. There is also the Reflection 150 Series 226RK with a very similar layout.

Floor plan of the Grand Design RV Reflection 100 Series 22RK fifth wheel camper.

Grand Designs are some of the highest-quality, most popular fifth wheels in the American market.

Interior of the Grand Design RV Reflection 100 Series 22RK fifth wheel camper showing the kitchen and living areas.

Personally, these are the best interiors I’ve seen of any fifth wheel! I love the interior options, the vinyl wood floors, and the lighter colors.

Quick Specs:

  • Length: 26’11”
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Dry Weight: 6,930lbs
  • GVWR: 9,995lbs
  • Price: from $50,987 USD

Learn More: See all the specs and features of the Reflection here.

Fifth Wheels Around the World

That’s it for North America. Not much selection, so I’ve broadened my search to Australia and Europe.

Sunliner Houston

Exterior side view of the Australian made Sunliner Houston fifth wheel.
Sunliner Houston

Brand new on the market is the Houston fifth wheel from Sunliner down in Australia. With six layout options, the smallest one (5H461) measures just 7.18m (23.5ft).

Floor plan of the Australian made Sunliner Houston fifth wheel.
Sunliner Houston

As seems to be there standard in Australia, the decor is rather understated. I love it compared to the darker, more brown American designs! This bright interior is just waiting for you to add splashes of color.

Interior view of the Australian made Sunliner Houston fifth wheel.
Sunliner Houston

Learn more: See specs and more of the Sunliner here.

Travelhome Macquarie

Travelhome Macquarie 23ft Fifth Wheel exterior view

Travelhome has a small selection of fifth wheels, ranging in length from 23ft to 29ft.

The Macquarie 23ft Series II has a great layout with a lounge/dinette across the back window—perfect for soaking up beautiful views!

Travelhome Macquarie 23ft Fifth Wheel layout

Though the layout shows single beds, they can be converted to a queen bed.

I noticed that all the Aussie fifth wheels don’t have a high roof over the bedroom area, so it’s more like a sleeping space than a private bedroom.

Travelhome Macquarie 23ft Fifth Wheel interior front
Travelhome Macquarie

The decor is a bit bland, but it’s certainly not ugly!

Winjana Strzelecki

Don’t try to say this one five times fast!

Winjana Ormiston 630 fifth wheel being towed off road over a ditch.
Winjana Ormiston 630

Winjana has 4 fifth wheels, and they’re all under 26 feet. Their smallest one is only 19’5”, but I don’t think it has a bathroom based on the website details

So we’ll have a look at the second smallest, which is still tiny at just 6.95m (22.8ft)

Interior view of the Winjana Ormiston 630 fifth wheel.
Winjana Ormiston 630

I absolutely love these interiors! They are so different than any other fiver on this list!

Their website is not updated regularly since they are a very small manufacturer, but the models don’t seem to change all that often.

Fifth Wheel Co Dreamseeker

Exterior of the DreamSeeker fifth wheel camper by Fifth Wheel Co with the door open and the awning extended out.
Fifth Wheel Co Dreamseeker

The Fifth Wheel Co is a British-built brand that has a small range of fifth-wheel campers. I can’t pinpoint it, but there’s something a little futuristic about the exterior on this one.

Floor plan of the DreamSeeker fifth wheel camper by Fifth Wheel Co.
Fifth Wheel Co Dreamseeker

The Dreamseeker is a petite 24’11” and manages to fit in a full bath, sofa, dining area, and bedroom.

Interior view of the DreamSeeker fifth wheel camper by Fifth Wheel Co showing the kitchen and living areas.
Fifth Wheel Co Dreamseeker

That dining room slide sure does open up the space in there. I love how cozy this layout and interior feels!

Fifth Wheel Co Dreamseeker bedroom
Fifth Wheel Co Dreamseeker

Learn More: See more details from the Fifth Wheel Company.

Top 5 Small Fifth Wheel Campers

The smallest fifth wheel camper available now is the Scamp 19′. This fiberglass model is small and light, but still manages to fit in everything you need to be comfortable. It’s also the lightest on the market at just 2,400 to 2,900 pounds.

But smaller isn’t always better! I’m about to book a one-way flight to Australia for one of their beautiful interiors (and endless beaches).

Which small fifth wheel is your favorite?

In the Comments…

Are there any that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below. Just fifth wheels less than 27ft!

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  1. That Macquarie is really nice. Agree America has really large 5th wheels, which are nice to live in for a stationery life, but they would be very stressful to pull around. Prefer small trailers with smart efficient layouts instead and this one is great.

    1. I agree Mitsy. I’ve seen a couple of the Macquaries and they really are a tidy unit… not too tall (less wind resistance while travelling?) and they don’t need a huge vehicle to tow them.

    1. Oh, so they do! A bit bigger than the 25ft or less that I’ve got on this list, but not by too much. (26’9″)

  2. I just purchased a 2019 Escape 5th wheel trailer. Although the interior you show in the article is not very stylish, the company allows tons of personalization (for a wee cost of course!). We chose light maple cabinets with white frosted glass inserts, and custom formica, flooring and material – we have had tons of compliments on our stylish interior decor on our USA trip this winter. CHEERS

    1. Oh that sounds great Mars!
      I see they have some updated photos on their website now, rather than the interior I’ve shown here.
      Enjoy your travels! 🙂

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