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Class B RVs with a (mostly) fixed bed

Campervans with fixed/permanent beds

I’ve been surprised to learn that there really are very few campervan layouts where there is a dedicated permanent bed.

Almost all Class B manufacturers ensure that there is at least some multi-function with the bed space; where you can lift up part of the bed to access storage space or create a garage.

Benefits of a fixed bed

It seems that there are two, quite well defined, camps when it comes to whether your campervan should have a permanent bed or not.

I’m firmly in the camp that does want a permanent bed.

Don’t have to make your bed, if you don’t want to – personally, I’m not totally against making up the bed each day. But my husband and I have quite different sleeping schedules so I’ll want to go to bed (and get up) much earlier than him. So having the living space and the sleeping space in the same spot, wouldn’t really work for us.
I also like the idea of being able to have a nap in the middle of the day!

More comfortable mattress – if you’re not having to move/make up the bed every day, you can get a more comfortable mattress. You don’t have to concede to only having a foam mattress or a jigsaw of cushions all fitted together.

Larger cargo/storage space underneath – for the active among us, a fixed bed may allow them to use the space under the bed as a ‘garage’ for bikes or other gear.

Looking for the perfect camper van?

It can be a bit overwhelming trying to find the campervan/Class B that best suits your needs.

So we’ve created a spreadsheet with ALL the campervans that can be bought new in the USA.

It includes the exterior dimensions, interior height, base price, seating and bed layout, bathroom, solar and air conditioning/heating; with links to each one model.

Graphic for the Class B Master List price $9.

Buy the Class B Master List spreadsheet here.

Class Bs with permanent beds

Following is a list of all the Class B RVs (that we could find) that have a permanent bed.

Double bed at the rear of the van

Coachmen RV Galleria 24A

The bed in the 24A model is one of those half twin, half double bed scenarios. Personally, I like this type of setup because each person can get in and out of bed without having to scoot all the way up to the foot of the bed.

Floor plan of Coachmen RV Galleria 24A campervan.
Coachmen RV Galleria 24A

Length: 24’3”

Entegra Launch 19Y

With the flares out the side of this van, you’ve now got a bed long enough to accommodate most of us tall folks.

But of course, it is still a multi-functional space so you can lift up the bed (using the power lift) to access the garage below.

Floor plan of the Entegra Coach Launch Class B with a fixed bed in the rear.
Entegra Coach Launch 19Y

Length: 19’6”

Jayco Terrain 19Y

And of course, we’ve got the Jayco equivalent to the Launch, which is the Terrain 19Y.

Jayco Terrain 19Y

Length: 19’6”
Price: starting at $212,250

Panoramic RV

Panoramic RV

Length: 21′

Pleasure-Way REKON 4×4

Pleasure-Way REKON 4×4

Length: 19’5″
Price: MSRP $182,000

Thor Scope / Rize 18A

Illustration of the Thor Scope 18A floor plan.
Thor Scope/Rize 18A

Length: 17’11”
Price: MSRP from $113,680

Thor Sanctuary / Tranquility 19L & 19LT

The  Sanctuary and Tranquility have the same layout. The 19L is on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the 19LT is on the Ford Transit chassis.

Floorplan of a Thor Sanctuary 19L floorplan Class B motorhome.
Thor Sanctuary/Tranquility 19L/19LT

Length: 19’8”
Price: MSRP from $172,060

Thor Sequence / Tellaro 20A

Thor Sequence/Tellaro 20A

Length: 21’1”
Price: MSRP from $139,020

Winnebago Solis 59P & 59PX

The Solis 59P is a pop top van that has sleeping quarters in the loft, but just looking at the ‘downstairs’ sleeping area there is a bed platform at the rear, that can be lifted up to access the garage area below.

Winnebago Solis 59P

Length: 19’9”
Price: starting at $152,169

The 59PX floor plan is the same layout on an extended wheelbase which adds a small garage space at the back of the van, that allows for the storage of bikes and other things.

Winnebago Solis 59PX

Length: 21’
Price: starting at $171,996

Winnebago Revel 44E

I love how the bed can be raised up to the roof when you need to use the space below; so you can just leave all your bedding on there.

Winnebago Revel

Length: 19’7”
Price: starting from $210,292

Winnebago Travato 59G & 59GL

The 59G and 59GL have the same layout, but the GL includes an upgraded lithium battery system.

Floorplan of a Winnebago Travato 59G camper van with a fixed bed in the corner.

Length: 21’
Price: starting from $175,740

Single beds at the rear of the van

Single beds, are actually more practical in a van, in my opinion.

No one has to climb over another person to get in / out of bed.

Each bed can easily be used as a seating area and you can even leave the table up each night, if you want.

Coachmen RV Nova 20D

Coachmen RV Nova 20D floor plan.
Coachmen RV Nova 20D

Length: 20’11”

Roadtrek Play & Play Slumber

The Play and Play Slumber have the same layout, the ‘Slumber’ includes a pop top roof with a sleeping loft.

Roadtrek Plan camper van floor plan.
Roadtrek Play

Length: 20’9”
Price: starting from $149,786

Roadtrek Chase

And… looking exactly the same as the ‘Play’ above, we have the Chase. The Chase has a number of upgraded features (lithium, solar panels, power step etc) though.

Roadtrek Chase camper van floor plan.
Roadtrek Chase

Length: 20’9”
Price: starting from $176,386

Roadtrek Zion & Zion Slumber

The ‘Slumber’ version has a pop-top roof with extra sleeping quarters in the loft.

Roadtrek Zion

Length: 20’9″
Price: MSRP starting at $180,586

Roadtrek Pivot & Pivot Slumber

Roadtrek Pivot Class B RV floor plan.
Roadtrek Pivot

Length: 20’9″
Price: MSRP starting at $183,386

Winnebago Boldt 70BL

Winnebago Boldt 70BL

Length: 22’11”
Price: starting from $245,587

Winnebago Era 70A

Winnebago Era 70A

Length: 24’3”
Price: starting from $211,769

Single beds with bathroom in the rear

By having two single beds, it means that you have the benefit of a dining area AND beds, without having to do a big assembly and disassembly of the bed every day. 

And it also allows for the bathroom to be across the back of the van (making for a bigger space) and having easy access for each person.

I think this would be perfect for friends traveling together or a couple that don’t have a need to be in the same bed.

Coach House Arriva V24

Layout of the Coach House Arriva V24 camper van.
Coach House Arriva V24

Length: 24’2”

Coachmen Nova 20RB

Layout of the Coachmen Nova 20RB camper van.
Coachmen Nova 20RB

Length: 20’11”

Coachmen Beyond 22RB

Layout of the Coachmen Beyond 22RB camper van.
Coachmen Beyond 22RB

Length: 22’2”

Entegra Coach Ethos 20T & Ethos Li 20TL

I’ve mentioned before that the ‘Li’ on the Entegra Coach naming convention refers to an upgraded lihtium battery system.

Entegra Coach Ethos 20T

Length: 20’11”
Price: MSRP starting at $145,050

Jayco Swift 20T & Swift Li 20TL

Jayco Swift camper van floor plan.
Jayco Swift 20T

Length: 20’11”
Price: MSRP from $145,050

Thor Dazzle / Twist 2LB

The Dazzle, Twist, Sequence & Tellaro, all by Thor Motor Coach, have the same layout with the twin beds with the wet bath in the rear of the van.

Thor Sequence 20L Class B motorhome floorplan.
Thor Dazzle 2LB

Length: 21’1″
Price: MSRP from $118,860

Thor Sequence / Tellaro 20L

Thor Sequence 20L Class B motorhome floorplan.
Thor Sequence 20L

Length: 21’1”
Price: MSRP from $134,260

What’s the difference between the Thor Dazzle/Twist and Sequence/Tellaro? According to the Thor website, it’s just about the interior styling.

Winnebago Travato 59K and 59KL

The ‘L’ in this case, refers to an upgraded lithium system.

Winnebago Travato 59K

Length: 21’
Price: starting at $75,292

Winnebago Boldt 70KL

Winnebago Boldt 70KL

Length: 22’11”
Price: starting $245,587

If you looked through all of those, you must really be on the hunt for the perfect layout for you. (Or you’re as obsessed with RV layouts as I am?!)

Don’t forget you can buy the Class B Master List spreadsheet here.

Graphic for the Class B Master List price $9.

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