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Small Compact RVs From Around The World

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Last week I shared a post about the small compact RVs that have everything you need, but I only looked at those that are available in the USA (since most of you are from there… even though I’m writing this from the other side of the world, Australia).

But there are lots of other small RV campers that I’ve found from all over the world. I’ve already written about a couple of my favourites that are manufactured here in Australia, and then the Europeans are doing some really novel things too.

I’ve also had a look at small 5th wheel campers and small fiberglass travel trailers.

Why a Small Compact RV?

You may wonder why the fixation on small compact RVs?

Well, in New Zealand, where I’m from, 95% of the roads are small, narrow and windy. So there are not very many large rigs on the road. We’re accustomed to our motorhomes being much smaller than what I see available in the USA. So I suppose it’s just what you get used to, huh.

Also, I love the idea of being nimble. Being able to go on any sealed road, and many unsealed roads. I much prefer to NOT have the stress of worrying about low hanging branches, tight corners and finding parking.

Much as I’d love to have a full home on wheels with room to relax and spread out, I do think that the small and compact RVs are the right choice for me.

Just to be consistent with my previous post, here is the criteria for my RV:

  • Includes a toilet, shower, kitchen sink, stove, fridge, somewhere to sit and somewhere to sleep (Preferably separate so we don’t have to make the bed up every nigh. Coz I’m far too lazy for that. :-0)
  • For two adults (a couple)
  • As small as possible. Less than 16ft/5metres if it’s a towed RV, and less than 23ft/7metres for a motorhome/campervan.
  • Tall enough to accommodate my 6’2″ /1.88m husband
  • No slides (or if they do have slides, everything must still be able to be fully utilized while the slides are in)
  • New – only because it means anyone could probably buy it
  • Off-grid ability (boondocking, free camping, freedom camping or whatever you call it in your country)
  • Note: I’m not limiting it to one type of RV. I’ve included travel trailers, truck campers, Class B & C and campervans. (Mainly because we don’t know which one we’d prefer yet)

So on to the small compact RVs that I’ve found…

Australia | Small Caravans & Motorhomes

I’ve got to start here, since that’s where I am at the moment! There are a couple of RVs that have really taken my fancy. Manufactured here in Australia and built for our environment i.e. it gets very hot here, but not very cold (getting down to freezing temps is pretty rare), lots of bugs (no different anywhere else, I guess), plenty of long, dusty roads, expensive fuel and lots of free camping/boondocking opportunities.

11FT GECKO POP TOP SHOWER by New Age Caravans

This is my top choice, at the moment… it changes more often than I care to admit.

This might be a tad too small for us, but I’d be willing to give it a try. Being so small and light our car would have no trouble towing this, and that makes me very happy.

You can check out the New Age Caravans website to see full specs of this little beauty, along with a full virtual walk-through.

And POOF! A full two hours GONE, while I found another New Age caravan which I think might be my new new favourite (the 15ft Wallaby Ensuite). THIS is why I can’t be trusted with a caravan website!

SPIRIT 4×4 by Explorer Motorhomes

You may or may not know that I’ve already waxed lyrical about this motorhome on this blog (see the post here) so I won’t rehash that.

This tiny, little RV has everything that I need and want, except for a startling lack of storage space. But everything else about this motorhome has me giddy with excitement.

Explorer Motorhomes currently have 3 other models in their range (they know what they’re good at, and they stick to it).

Head on over the Explorer Motorhomes website to see all the photos and specs.

Weekender by Little Gem Caravans

I think the name ‘Little Gem’ might just be the perfect name for these campers. They’ve got everything you need in a small caravan (like that essential ensuite) as well as being super light, and made from just one piece of fibreglass (which means you have no seams to leak and has good insulation).

See more of this little beauty over at:

Germany | Small RVs & Camper Vans

Here’s a couple of awesome little RVs from Germany. It seems that Europe is quite similar to New Zealand in that they are used to having quite small motorhomes.

But also very different to the U.S, in that they have much nicer (less brown and less patterns) decor. Sorry if I keep going on about the lack-lustre decor in American RVs, but I don’t think I’m a lone voice in my disappointment in this area.

T337 by Carado

Let’s start off with a German bang! Look at how lovely this interior is. Plain, but not too plain; with barely a clashing pattern in sight; no swirly embellishments, no lime green accent walls. Just nice, classic decor.

At just 23ft/7m, this motorhome packs it all in.

Floor plan of the Carado motorhome.

One of the features I love the most about this brand is the bathroom. Though it looks like a wet bath, the wall that has the basin on it, swings around to cover the toilet and basin and form one wall of the shower. I know that’s a terrible explanation, but it means that it’s not like a true wet bath where you’ve got to basically sit on the loo to shower and EVERYTHING in the bathroom gets wet. I think is a great compromise.

You can check out this motorhome in full, on the Carado website here.

City-car by Bürstner

And now, we’re heading into campervan territory.

I don’t know about you, but I love the thought of living and travelling in a campervan; but I’m not so sure I would love the reality of it.

They look so small and compact, with everything you need, but also able to navigate even the busiest of towns and cities.

Bürstner also do motorhomes, so check out their website to see their full range.

CaraCompact by Weinsberg

The layout on this motorhome is very similar to the Carado above (and many other RVs of this size) but I wanted to include this one because of it’s novel approach to creating more space in the bathroom.

The basin slides over the toilet or into the shower space, dependant on which amenity you want to use at the time. It’s a little thing, but it’s pretty nifty.

You can see all the pictures and different layouts of the CaraCompact over on the Weinsberg website.

Touring Triton 430 by ERIBA

Here’s a little caravan that doesn’t look like all the other caravans out there… which is why I like it. A tiny bathroom, but that’s the price you pay for a tiny RV.

Get your fill of all the details, lots of photos and quite a lot of different layouts, over one the Eriba website.

United Kingdom | Compact RV

V-Line 636SE by Auto-Trail

Another one that would fit into the campervan category is the V-Line 636SE by Auto-Trail. It’s a bit longer than 6.5m and still manages to pack in everything that I need. Small and kinda plain… if that’s your thing.

You can check out the V-Line 636 SE on the Auto-Trail website here.

I do really like the ‘Frontier Delaware’ because it’s luxurious and well appointed and looks super comfortable; but at 8m it doesn’t fit into my criteria. <sigh>

Spain | Luxury Small RVs

Mileo 201 by Benimar

Okay… I’m going to confuse things a little bit here. Benimar is a Spanish manufacturer BUT this particular model of Benimar is actually one I saw in Auckland, New Zealand; and I can’t find this model on the Spanish Benimar website. Anyway, wherever it comes from, here it is.

At just 6m, this little number has everything you need and certainly packs it ALL in. Now… having actually visited this particular motorhome in person, I can attest to the fact that this motorhome is a little bit squishy. I think it’s okay for tall people, but possibly a bit annoying for, shall we say, the more rounded figure.

I felt like my hips were touching all four sides at the same time, so not exactly comfortable for someone a bit larger.

Here’s the link to that particular motorhome at the sale yard in New Zealand.

Or you can check out the full range of Benimar Motorhomes on their website.

As we all know, there are a gazillion motorhome manufacturers with zillions of different models each, so there’s no way you could list them out in one blog post (well, I couldn’t wouldn’t anyway). But hopefully, this small selection has opened your eyes to what is available around the world. Maybe it will peak your interest in other brands, show you some features that you’d like to see in your own motorhome, or even possibly, entice you in to travelling internationally (like Australia!) for a bit of an RVing adventure.

Have a happy time researching your favourite small compact RV. We’ll see you once you emerge from the rabbit hole you’re about to enter. 🙂

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