RV Interiors | Are there any that look modern?

Modern RV Interiors Well before I even started this blog back in 2017, I have loved looking RVs; pouring over plans, scrolling through every photo available and picking out all the little details I could see. My particular interest was always in the unique layouts, use of space and clever storage solutions, especially for the … Read more

The best small RV camper vans / Class Bs in 2021

Grey camper van driving on a road, with text overlay: The best campervans of 2021

Of course, any ‘best’ list is subjective, and this list of the best small RV camper vans is no different! Following is a list of the best small RV campers from around the world, that are available in 2021. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love small RVs, and one of my … Read more

Travel trailer bathroom remodel ideas

2 renovated bathrooms with text overlay, travel trailer bathroom remodel ideas

I just love these travel trailer bathroom remodel ideas and since I’m doing so much research looking for RV bathroom renovation inspiration, I thought I would share them all with you here. Here in Australia, it’s quite very rare to find a vintage caravan with a bathroom, and it’s mostly vintage caravans that get renovated … Read more

Why do people live in their RV full time?

Table decor in an RV, with text overlay: Living in a camper full time.

There are many reasons why people choose living in a camper full time rather than a ‘normal’ house. From retired and enjoying the good life of traveling and seeing the countryside, to work camp deals, to hosting a campground or simply working online on your own terms; the trend is quickly rising and with good … Read more

Types of Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitches

Fifth wheel RV about to be hitched up to a truck, with text overlay: Different types of fifth wheel hitches

Understanding the different types of fifth wheel hitches I’ve been crushing hard on some fifth wheel trailers lately, as we’ve been holed up in our tiny 14ft caravan, in the sweltering Australian heat, with a little portable air conditioner that can’t keep up once we’re out of the shade of the nearby tree… I’ve been … Read more

Small fiberglass travel trailers

vintage fiberglass travel trailer towed behind vintage truck

Small fiberglass travel trailers Do you love the idea of traveling in an RV, but are determined to keep it as small and light as possible in order to go wherever you want?  With a small towable RV you may be able to use your current vehicle to tow it, and store it at home … Read more

Class A RV with bunks

Two children on a top bunk with text overly: Class A RVs with dedicated bunk beds

Looking for a Class A RV with bunks? Since we don’t have any children ourselves, I’ve never really had a serious look at RVs with bunk beds, as I’m more inclined to be looking for the smallest RV we could comfortably fit in. But whenever I have looked at them, I’ve imagined being a child … Read more

12V appliances for your RV kitchen

RV 12v appliances for the kitchen In one of the facebook groups I’m in, someone was asking for recommendations for RV 12 Volt appliances; in particular he was looking for a 12v coffee machine that uses pods/k-cups/keurig (I think that’s what they’re called) so that he could brew his consistent cup of espresso every day. … Read more

Renovating your RV | Replacement RV Cabinets

Replacing RV cabinets If you’re renovating an RV, you may be looking for replacement RV cabinets before tackling a new sink for the kitchen or finding the right sofa for the living area. The questions start arising of whether you should replace them, or should you just fix up and paint the current cabinets? Well, … Read more

Slide On Truck Campers

Truck camper illustration with text overlay: Slide on truck campers with a bathroom

Are Slide On Truck Campers a good RV? I’m seeing more and more truck campers here in Australia, and have wondered if this would be the ideal type of camper for us. Don’t know what a truck camper is, exactly? A slide on truck camper is a demountable RV that you slide on and off … Read more