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About RVObsession.com and Michelle - in my excitement for when we finally get to live the RV life I have gathered here all the things I've learned about RVs.RV Obsession is all about, well, my RV obsession!

My name is Michelle and I live in little ole New Zealand. For years now, I’ve dreamed of living and traveling in an RV. That desire is fuelled by the many blogs I read online, where people share their journeys, their challenges and their triumphs. Here in NZ (and Australia), used RVs are waaaay more expensive than they are in the States; so it’s going to take quite a bit more time before we can afford to buy an RV and hit the road. In the meantime, I can’t help but look up EVERYTHING RV, and RV related.

I will admit, I’m not overly clued up on the mechanical side of things, but I am learning. I had no idea about the difference between gas and diesel, a cassette toilet or black tank, a pull through or back in. I’ve been introduced to convection ovens, leveling blocks and duallys (I’ve never heard of that expression here in NZ) Anyway… my passion is looking at the many different layouts of RVs and the pros and cons of all the different designs. I love seeing how space can be maximised while still making the RV relaxed and usable. I’m even not that fussed on decor, although there are some pretty hideous 90’s florals and flounces that make me shudder a bit.

As I spent hours and hours on the internet looking up everything about RVs, I figured I may as well put it all into one place, and share all the knowledge I’ve learnt, with you.

Welcome to RV Obsession, I hope you enjoy looking at all the information I have gathered here, maybe even learn something new; and most importantly, I hope it fuels the fire of your own RV obsession!

Michelle xx

This is my current favorite, the Explorer 4×4 Motorhome. The perfect (in my opinion) combination of small size, useable space, 4×4 and quality workmanship. My knees go a bit giddy looking at this baby. (Or it could be the price, jeez motorhomes (RVs) are not cheap!!)

Explorer 4x4 motorhome_My favourite RV_1