About Us

Hi! We’re Heath & Alyssa. In 2014, we decided to skip the whole 9-to-5 schtick and bought an RV to travel to all fifty states. We spent our first year of marriage on what our parents would call a permanent honeymoon, traveling all over the country in an old motorhome.

We fell in love with RVing and spent five years full-time RVing around America.

Then we set out sights abroad, RVing around New Zealand, Italy, Canada, France, England, Japan, Spain, and more. It’s part of our obsession.

RV life in Japan! Photo Credit: Heath & Alyssa

We believe RVing is the best way to experience a new place or a new country. You can get off the beaten path, spend more time outside, and enjoy small towns instead of sprawling cities.

A decade after buying our first RV, we’re still RVing all around the world with our two kids in tow. We share videos and stories of our travels on our personal website, HeathandAlyssa.com.

We’re ten years into traveling as a family and not slowing down any time soon. We’re obsessed with RVing! Here on RV Obsession, share in the camping craze with us. 🚐

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Note: We purchased this website from its original founders, Michelle and Ben Rudge, in 2024.