Writing about your obsession

Do you have an obsession?

As you can see, I do. It’s RVs. Obviously.

Have you ever wondered how to start writing about your obsession?

Well, it starts with a blog. Like this one. But better. I hope. 🙂

In the posts below I’m going to walk you through the steps that you need to take to get your blog set up and strategies for getting people to come and read your work.

Start Your Own Blog

Let’s start by getting you to Start Your Own Blog. These step by step instructions will have you sorted with your own blog in no time.



How to use Pinterest to send traffic to your blog

Getting Traffic with Pinterest

In ‘How to use Pinterest to send traffic to your blog‘  I walk you through why you should be on Pinterest and how to set everything up correctly. Before you know it, you’ll have traffic coming to your brand new blog, all from Pinterest.