RVing Australia

RVing Australia - After all this talk of RV and being obsessed with them, it's given us the impetus to head off on our own RVing adventure. Starting with something a little closer to home with an RVing adventure right around Australia.

Ever since Ben and I first started dating, we’ve talked about going on a big, long trip around Australia.

At the time I had visions of the wind blowing through my hair and the rumble under my seat as we powered our way around the country on Harley Davidson’s; setting up the tent in remote little places.

Ben thought it would be in a beat up old Holden station wagon, with a mattress in the back where we’d fall asleep to the sounds of the waves lapping just metres away from us.

As the years rolled by, I started thinking about RVing Australia, maybe a Toyota Coaster converted to a motorhome, or (by some miracle of providence) we’d travel in the Spirit by Explorer Motorhomes, with no limitations on where we could go, but with all the luxurious comfort we could possibly need or want.

But as my dreams got bigger, the possibility of them coming true started getting smaller and smaller. So we just kept going on the treadmill of life.

Then I started this RV|Obsession blog. And well, the dreams became fired up again as I read of inspirational people who just got out there and did it. They decided to try living a life that they were excited about, one where they would see the wonderful sights of their own country and structure their lives so that they could spend more of their time with those they love, rather than at a job to pay for things that were nice, but not the most important things to them.

It made me think about how Ben and I have just been plodding along in our lives. No great passions. No driving purpose to our lives, just a desire for a very different life.  So I needed to put my big girl pants on and figure out a way for Ben and I to be able to do the same thing as the other people I was admiring.


It’s funny how when you start to try and figure out a way to do something, if you really want it bad enough, it’s possible to find a solution; it’s just a case of figuring out what you’re prepared to  compromise on.

It started out with realising that we didn’t need a big, comfortable RV to do this trip. We could travel in a car, take a tent and stay in caravan parks all the way around Australia. It would be one epic road trip and the fulfilment of a long held dream.

As Ben and I talked more and more about this, we realised that we wouldn’t have to live like homeless backpackers. Sure, we can’t afford the Explorer Motorhome that we want, but we can afford a car and a caravan.

But some of the best parts of Australia are down remote and rough roads needing a 4WD drive to be able to travel them. And then I saw more and more posts about people who travelled around Australia in a 4WD towing a camper trailer. After a bit of research, we found that we could afford that kind of set-up and have enough for six months on the road.

And so, we’ll go…

So that’s what we’re going to do. In three months time (mid-August 2017) we’re going to sell up our few possessions here in New Zealand, go back to Australia, buy a 4WD and camper trailer and travel around Australia for at least 6 months.

Here’s me thinking that it would take years for us to save up and make this trip happen, when in reality it’s only three more months of saving for us, and then we’ll be able to do it!

And I didn’t even have to make any huge compromises to make it happen.

RVing Australia - After all this talk of RV and being obsessed with them, it's given us the impetus to head off on our own RVing adventure. Starting with something a little closer to home with an RVing adventure right around Australia.
I know how you feel little koala, I’m kinda unimpressed with my life too.

The biggest compromise we have to make? Is that our bathroom will be a pop-up tent with a porta-potty. And I don’t even care. Now that the trip is becoming more and more a reality it’s making me realise that there are things that are waaaay more important to me than a hot shower every day.

So there you have it, our first RVing adventure… and it’s not RVing. :-/ (It’s more like camping, but the principal is the same, yeah. It’s dragging yourself away from the security and confinement of a stable, yet ultimately unfulfilling life, and going on an adventure.)

If you want to follow along with our RVing Australia adventure, we’ll be blogging all about it over at BenAndMichelle.com.

Nothing will change here on RV|Obsession, I’ll still be researching, writing and obsessing over all things RV related right here on this blog.

Update April 2018:

The trip has been wonderful, we love RVing Australia! If you’re thinking that you’d also like to see Australia by RV (motorhome/caravan/campervan…) I’ve put together a monster beginners guide to help you plan your trip. It’s particularly written for people travelling from outside of Australia (just like we were) and covers all the things you may not know about coming from outside the country. Head on over to BenAndMichelle.com to check it out.

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