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Newsletter – September 26th, 2022

Welcome to this week’s RV Obsession Newsletter

Under The Radar

Another travel trailer manufacturer, that has flown under our radar until now, has been added to the RV Master List, so you will definitely want to make sure you download the updated version of the spreadsheet.

We discovered this week that one of the manufacturers already included on our list (Keystone RV, who own several well known RV brands), also owns another company called Venture RV. They have 43 different floorplans spreadout over 6 different models.

One of the cool things about Venture RV travel trailers is that they come stock standard with an automatic leveling system that you can operate via a smartphone app called LevelMate Pro.

Here’s a short video with some more info, if you’re interested:

Product Recalls

If you own a 2022-2023 Forest River Impression 5th Wheel you might wanna speak to your dealer or keep an eye on your mailbox, around mid-October, for a notification letter regarding the latest NHTSA product recalls.

Some models were built without the required “secondary emergency exit” and the dealers will be sorting out anyone affected, at no cost to the customer, with the installation of an “egress window” to bring them up to code.

Keystone RV owners will want to look out for a similar notification, late October, in regards to a switch for the electric stabilizer jack not being 100% watertight. About 536 units are being recalled due to a potential for an electrical short.

The models affected are the 2023 versions of the Aspen Trail, the Coleman, and the Kodiak. All of which are travel trailers manufactured by Dutchmen RV (yes, another RV brand owned by Keystone RV).

I know it’s a hassle if you happen to be one of the unlucky ones who gets an RV recalled, but it is good to know that someone out there is checking these things and finding tiny little faults that can have disastrous effects, which would otherwise go undetected.

If you’re unsure about whether your RV is affected, or if you just want more information, you can always enter your RV model numbers through the NHTSA’s product recall database and find out if you’re in the clear or not.

Events & Rallies

The Winnie Bs (part of the Winnebago International Travelers Club – WIT for short) are having their national rally this week at the Rodeo de Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

As usual there’s a whole buncha FMCA events on this week:

The Rocky Mountain Chapter of the RVing Women are meeting at Lathrop State Park in Walsenburg, CO

Upcoming News

Not much news today, but this week is the 2022 Elkhart Extravaganza in Indiana, which is apparently, “the largest RV dealer show on earth” and I know for a fact there’s a whole bunch of announcements being made by various manufacturers in regards to new models, new products and other exciting things, so hopefully next week I will have a lot more nuggets to share with you.

Until then, thanks for reading and please have a safe and happy week!

See you next week


Ben & Michelle

PS. As usual, don’t forget to download the updated spreadsheet as there were more than 40 new models and floorplans added today.