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Newsletter – September 19th, 2022

Hello my fellow RV Obsessed readers,

Welcome to another edition of the RV Obsession Weekly Newsletter.

There were a few more additions to the RV Master List today, so grab the updated version of the spreadsheet here.

Under The Radar

Little Guy Trailers originally flew under our radar because their parent company, Xtreme Outdoors, manufacture mainly teardrop campers (a type of camping trailer). In fact, they own a whole other company dedicated solely to teardrop camping trailers.

However, their other company, Little Guy Trailers, do manufacture a small handful of travel trailers so in order to bring you as many options as possible, we’ve included them on the list.

Little Guy Trailer’s claim to fame is that famous Hollywood actor John Ratzenberger owns one of their models and is towing it around the country as we speak (more info).

What’s the difference between a Travel Trailer and Camping Trailer anyway?

“Camping trailers typically take up less space, but travel trailers provide more room for sleep, storage, or other amenities. Travel trailers possess the ability to drive on rough terrain but may lack the durability of a camping trailer.”


There’s always some kind of RV Rally happening somewhere in the country. Some notable ones for this week are:

  • HRRVC 2022 Eastern International Rally in Lebanon (the one in Tennessee, not the Middle East)
  • Trailerfest Plymouth at the 49er RV Resort in California
  • 2022 DWO RV & Motorcyle Rally in at the Banderra Crossing RV Resort
  • more details here

The FMCA, as usual, have a whole heapin’ helpin’ of events happening this week too. 21 different chapters are holding rallies at various campgrounds around the country but half of them are closed to new bookings already, so probably best to check out their website HERE for more info.

A couple of the RVing Women chapters are meeting up this Friday:

  • Texas Ramblin’ Rose Chapter at Tyler, Texas
  • Northeast Network Chapter in East Wakefield, New Hampshire
  • more details here

Most of these events require booking well in advance so keep an eye on their websites for future events.

Just finishing up today is “America’s Largest RV Show” in Hershey, PA. The name pretty much speaks for itself, but just in case you’re wondering:

“More than 30 manufacturers exhibited 1,200+ RVs with dealer and manufacturer representatives on hand to answer consumers’ questions and help them secure a great deal. The show also featured more than 150 vendors with everything from cleaning products and personal care items to camping accessories, RV parts and services, insurance and financial products.”

New Models

Rangeline Touring Coach

Airstream just announced a new Class B motorhome, the 2023 Rangeline Touring Coach:

“Built on the RAM ProMaster® 3500 chassis, the European-inspired Class B was designed with comfort and ease of use in mind. Tailor your unique travel experience with dynamic living spaces, flexible storage, and high-performance onboard systems.”

Entegra Coach Accolade XT

Entegra Coach has just added a 3rd model to their Accolade series, the Accolade XT, which is their first 4×4 model…

“The all-new Accolade XT is a unique addition to Entegra Coach’s Super Class C lineup. Built on the Ford F550 or F600 4X4 chassis, this all-terrain vehicle handles well on and off the pavement…”

Grand Design RV – Imagine AIM

Grand Design’s new model, the Imagine AIM (Adventure In Motion), claims to be significantly lighter than the other models in the Imagine series, due to being constructed using composite panels made by Azdel Onboard.

“They are produced using a patented blend of polypropylene and fiberglass to create a strong, lightweight, quiet, weather and temperature resistant, odorless and environmentally friendly wall that will increase the life of your RV.”

Of course, we added all of the above changes to the RV Master List spreadsheet so download the updated version here.

New Products

Heartland RV has announced that solar packages will come standard on all new models effective October 2022:

“Our new solar packages, Sol – Powered by the Sun, make it easier than ever to harness solar power for your next trip. With three options to choose from, you can have a solar package that supplements your typical energy use, or go for a higher tier that powers your RV when you camp off-grid.”

They are also providing aftermarket solutions for those wishing to upgrade their existing RV with the new solar packages.

Speaking of solar…

A company by the name of Renogy, this week launched a new off-grid solar power system designed to be installed in various types of RVs and is worth having a closer look at if you’re anything like us and want to be able to go off-grid, and away from the masses.

“REGO is a simple to install, fully integrated solar power system with innovative components designed to work together seamlessly, powerfully, and safely. With significantly reduced install and connection time, choosing REGO means you are ready for your off-the-grid adventures in minutes instead of hours.”

New Floorplans

Leisure Travel Vans unveiled their new Murphy Bed Lounge floorplans with a bunch of new and luxurious features…

“Building on the success of the company’s flagship Unity Murphy Bed model, the new Murphy Bed Lounge offers a host of new features, refinements, and premium components. The new model also brings features such as a slide-out room and ducted air conditioning to the Wonder product line for the first time.”

That’s a wrap

Ok, well that’s it for today. We hope you got something useful out of today’s updates.

See you again next Monday.

Have a great week.


Ben & Michelle