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Newsletter – September 12th, 2022

Hello and welcome to today’s issue of the RV Obsession Weekly Newsletter.

We hope you had a great weekend and are ready to show this week who is boss.

Under The Radar

As always, we start with the latest updates to the RV Master List spreadsheet.

This week we found 3 more manufacturers that had managed to slip under the radar until now, and added about a dozen different models and floorplans.

The 3 brands are:

  • Sunset Trailers
  • Ember RVs
  • Alliance RV

You can download the most up to date version of the spreadsheet here.

We add any new updates early Monday morning right before sending out the weekly newsletter so grab it now while it’s fresh in your mind.

Product Recalls

If you own a 2023 model Forest River fifth wheel, either the Rockwood or the Flagstaff, you will probably receive some kind of communication from your dealer about an incorrect axle rating.

Nothing crazy. Just a placard stating the axle rating is 5200 lbs when it should read 5000 lbs.

The dealers are replacing the federal placard for free so there’s nothing to be too concerned about. Just contact the dealer you bought it from to see if your model is on the list.

RV Rental Boom

Thinking about renting an RV or making a few dollars renting your own RV out?

“RVshare, the largest community for RV owners and renters, has had over 100,000 owners sign up to rent their RV’s since the pandemic began. The ongoing interest in RV travel has fueled RV owners’ profits. With an influx of new RV owners renting on the site, nearly 30 percent use their rental as a way to offset the cost of owning an RV. According to a recent survey of RVshare owners, nearly 60 percent of owners are able to cover at least half or more of their financing payments by renting out their vehicle through RVshare, while 17 percent claim that they have been able to pay off their vehicle entirely.”

17% of 100,000? So basically, 17,000 people have been able to pay off their RV entirely just by renting it out. That’s mind boggling!

Because of all the silliness in the world today, the RV market has really taken off. So it’s no suprise that these BnB style sites are doing well. More and more people are finding it easier, cheaper and safer to just jump in an RV and go see the sights, rather than risk being stuck overseas somewhere or having to spend weeks in quarantine.

It’s just really good to see that people are still able to create a win-win situation where everyone gets what they want.

Let us know down in the comments if you have been on either side of an RV rental and how it went for you. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts.

Custom Electric RV

Converting existing medium-duty vehicles into RVs is hugely popular these days, and if you’re at all interested in that kind of thing then you’ll be super excited about what we found out today.

If you don’t know what a “medium-duty” vehicle is, it’s basically a type of commercial vehicle used by delivery companies like UPS and the like, with various body types like walk-in vans and box trucks.

But something else they are known for is being converted into custom built RVs. The sky is the limit when it comes to the endless amount of possibilities they provide when designing your own RV from scratch.

Getting to the point…

Well, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into, then you’ll be excited to learn that, this month, Harbinger Motors will be bringing out a medium-duty chassis with a 100% electric drive system.

“Harbinger’s scalable stripped chassis has been built to support all of the popular medium-duty body types available today, including commercial walk-in vans, recreational vehicles, box trucks, and others.”

You really gotta see this thing to believe it.

The possibilities for building your own RV from scratch are endless and you really need to see this thing to grasp the full extent of how exciting this is for DIY RV designers/builders.

It’s a thing of beauty!

Here’s a sneaky screenshot from their website

Speaking Of Custom Electric RVs…

Another popular brand for DIY custom RV conversions is the Mercedes Sprinter Van, and this week we learned that they are teaming up with a company who makes electric “adventure vehicles” so we’re looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

“Mercedes-Benz and Rivian sign Memorandum of Understanding for a strategic partnership and joint production of electric vans – with the objective to set the standard in sustainable and all-electric transportation”

See you next week

Ok, well that’s pretty much all we have for you this week. Another short and sweet update.

Speaking of updates, don’t forget to download the updated version of the RV Master List spreadsheet.

Enjoy your week and see you next Monday.


Ben & Michelle