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Newsletter – October 16th, 2022

Happy Sunday!

We hope your weekend is going great and keeps getting better.

As you can see, we’ve changed our Monday morning newsletter to Sunday morning (unless you only just subcribed in the last 6 hours or so) because our site stats show that we get more visitors/readers on a Sunday than any other day, by a very big margin, so we figured what better time to deliver our weekly newsletter and spreadsheet updates?

Spreadsheet Updates

(download the most up to date version here)

Behind the scenes, we’ve been doing some massive updates to the RV Master List spreadsheet and are still not even halfway done.

Specifically, floorplans.

Each model usually has half a dozen different floorplans to choose from (some of them have a lot more than that) and so far we’ve had the model names listed, and the links to those models, but from there you’ve had to navigate the manufacturers website to see all the different floorplans.

Problem is, every website is different, and we didn’t like the idea of you having to figure out how to use each and every manufacturers website when all you wanna do is checkout some floorplans… so we’re doing all that for you.

We’ve added an extra column for the floorplan ID numbers, so instead of just seeing the model names, you can now see how many floorplans are available, the floorplan IDs, and the individual links to each floorplans page URL on the manufacturers website.

What’s the catch?

“Wow, you’re so generous!” I hear you say…

“…but nothing is free, so what’s the catch?”

Well the thing is, we’re not just gluttons for punishment. From day one, we had always planned on selling access to The RV Master List sometime in the future, to cover our own costs and to help keep the website up and running.

But for the time being, we just wanted to get it into the hands of our readers to gauge interest and to make sure it’s actually something people are interested in.

So in order to make it something worth paying money for, we’re adding a whole lot more columns to the future paid version… like… a lot more.

Which means a whole lot more info and details at your fingertips, which means a whole lot LESS time wasted visiting hundreds of manufacturers websites and having to figure out how to navigate each and every one.

By the time we’re finished adding in all the new data, you will be able to sort and filter the whole spreadsheet based on all sorts of parameters, like:

  • length
  • width
  • height
  • dry weight
  • hitch weight
  • carrying capacity
  • gross vehicle weight
  • number of beds
  • number of bathrooms
  • fresh, grey & black water storage (in gallons)
  • chassis
  • fuel type
  • etc.

Plus more.


For you, being one of our original subscribers, there is no catch. You already have the free version (including the new floorplan links still in progress), so for now we just want to reassure you of 4 things:

The new supercharged version probabaly won’t be ready until January next year anyway, but…

  1. It will be an entirely seperate spreadsheet.
    • You won’t lose what you already have if you choose not to purchase the new one.
  2. You will still receive lifetime updates to the free version.
    • We will be using the free version as a kind of gateway to then be able to offer the paid version to new subscribers, so we won’t be neglecting it (or you) at all.
  3. You will have first access.
    • Being a loyal subscriber, you will be the first to know when it’s launched.
  4. You will receive a hefty discount.
    • Again, being a loyal subscriber, and having already downloaded the current spreadsheet, we want to express our gratitude by offering you a deep discount should you choose to purchase the new improved version when it’s finally ready.

But why?

Why would we go to all this trouble for someone we don’t even know?

Well, as you have probably noticed by all the ads on our site, the more readers we have, the more ad revenue our site brings in, and the more time we are able to spend building this, and living our dream life.

So it’s in our best interests to help you out wherever we can, and to make your journey into the RVing life/world as painless as possible.

We want to create a win-win situation, and our hope is that by being able to sell access to the master list in the future, we will eventually be able to independantly fund this website without needing ads all over it.

I’m assuming you, as the reader, would prefer that, and I know we definitely would prefer it too, so that’s our goal… and we can only achieve that goal by providing as much value as possible, and that’s what we’re committed to doing.

New Product Announcement

Ok, back to the regular program…

You may have already heard of Grech Motors. They do luxury coaches, shuttle buses and sprinters.

Well they’ve now decided to bring their talents across to the RV world and have launched 3 new Class B models. Those being:

  • Strada
  • Terreno
  • Turismo

With a total of 16 variations and floorplans, including 4×4 versions and an optional Lithium-ion battery system to replace the propane powered generators.

In their own words:

“Grech RV is the premier and most sought-after luxury Camper Van available. We have brought our 40 years of luxury coach building experience to the Class B Motorhome market with our Strada, Turismo and Terreno models built exclusively on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis; we have raised the bar once again.”


Well, that’s all the updates we have today. We’re still waiting on news from some manufacturers on potential new products, as well as the 2023 models, but for now…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and we’ll see you next week.


Ben & Michelle

PS. Don’t forget to grab the most up to date version with all the new floorplans added, including links to each one (and more to come). Download it here.