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Newsletter – October 10th, 2022

Happy Monday fellow RVers,

Welcome to the newest edition of the RV Obsession newsletter.

Spreadsheet Updates

We’ve been busy updating the RV Master List spreadsheet with links to each individual floorplan of each individual model. Most of the models have anywhere between 3 to 15 different floorplan layouts so it’s a slow tedious process.

But we know it will be worth it in the end, because we know how much time it will save you and our other readers. It’s what we wish we had when we first started out looking for an RV for our own travels.

Aeon RV

  • A – All season
  • E – Electric
  • O – Off-road
  • N – New & modern

It’s not completely electric though. The cabin is electric, but it’s still a gas powered Ford Transit.

It is pretty cool though, and they have only just started shipping to customers a year or so after launching. I could ramble on about them for hours, or you could just watch a video of their co-founder and CEO walking you through the whole thing below:

Encore RV

The word “encore” seems to imply more of the same, but these guys are soon to announce 5 new floorplans.

It’s not a new concept, but they’ve raised the bar when it comes to camping trailers, as we’ve seen in the past with their RŎG Adventure Trailer, which until now, has been their sole focus.

We don’t have any more details yet, but as soon as they make the announcement, and post all the info on their website, we’ll be adding them to the RV Master List spreadsheet, so make sure you always have the updated version of our spreadsheet.

Wildcat ONE

A couple weeks ago at the Elkhart Extravaganza, Forest River announced 2 new Fifth Wheel models with a bunch of extra floorplan options.

The Wildcat One is the newest addition to their Wildcat series. It has 4 different floorplans ranging from 34 to 42 feet in length, which is pretty much the same as the original Wildcat.

But they are talking about turning the industry “upside down” allowing customers to “focus more on camping affordably” so I have to assume they are a lower budget version with a lesser level of luxury so they can bring the price down.

Again, details are scarce at the moment but we’ve added them to the spreadsheet and will let you know more details when we get them.

Cardinal RED

The other Fifth Wheel announcement by Forest River at the Elkhart Extravaganza was the new model in their Cardinal series… the Cardinal RED.

They make the same claim as the new Wildcat ONE and they have the same number of new floorplans with the same ID numbers, same lengths, and other similarities, so I’m assuming their pretty much the same thing but just branded to the 2 different Forest River owned companies, ie. Wildcat and Cardinal.

Either way, they both look very nice and, again, we’ve added them to the spreadsheet and will keep you up to date with any new info we find on them.

If you wanna see what I mean about the similarities you can watch their ALMOST identical teaser videos here:

2023 Lance Camper Enduro

Another new product announcement from a couple weeks ago is the Lance Camper Enduro.

It’s a Travel Trailer “concept design” they’ve been teasing us with for over a year now, but it seems like they might be ready to finally launch it next year.

At the time of writing this, the only info I can find on it is a short video on YouTube, which was posted just hours ago. So I’ll spare you from having to read more of my waffling and just post the video below…

Frontier GTX

Fleetwood RV announced it’s new Class A diesel luxury motorhome with 2 different floorplans, one of which includes a dedicated office for those who are remote workers, homeschoolers, etc.

You’re probably sick of hearing about how much times have changed over the last couple of years, but it’s good to see these big companies adapting to the times, and Fleetwood RV has obviously taken note of the huge increase of people who work and school from the comfort of home, but who still wanna get out and about and see the sights.

After all, that’s the dream for most of us, isn’t it? That’s why we built this website and headed off on our own adventure.

Anyway, here’s their little teaser video for it:

Signing off

Ok, well that’s about all the info we could find this week. It’s quite surprising how hard it is to get info from the manufacturers.

They like to announce new stuff at these big shows and expos, but they seem to take forever to update their own websites with all the details and new models.

Some of them don’t even announce it on their website. They just add it on their product line and say nothing about it.

I find that confusing because I would’ve thought big companies like these would understand the importance of getting their product out there and into the conversations of the people who are likely to buy them.

Oh well, they might not be good at marketing but as long as they keep making good RV’s it’s not really my problem… hehe.

Anyway, we’ll see you next week with some more updates.

Bye for now


Ben & Michelle

PS. As usual, make sure you download the updated version of the RV Master List spreadsheet.