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Full-time RV Living – Youtube Channels

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I never used to be a huge YouTube time-waster.

But that was before I found these guys. Now, far too much of my time is spent living vicariously through each of them!

The type of videos that I like watching are of those people that are full-time RV living, simply because that’s what I’d like to do as well. So the list below is all the youtube channels of all those types of people. I think the appeal to me is that these people are living a life of their own design. They haven’t just settled into a house (if that’s not what they want) but have set up their lives to involve the things that are important to them. It usually involves travel, being out in nature, spending time with their loved ones and working on their own schedules.

I hope you enjoy these guys too.

Full-time RV Living – Youtube Channels

Gone With The Wynns

Note: Jason and Nikki now live on a sailboat, but they’ve still got heaps of great videos from their years on the road living in an RV.


Chris and Cherie have been on the road for over 10 years now and their videos and blog are a treasure trove of RV knowledge and help. Their blog is appropriately titled because they seem to be the specialists in RV tech, with a focus most recently on getting the internet. Check them out on youtube and

Knorpp and South

Mike and Megan Knorpp travel in a huge fifth wheel with their family of 9 children. Nine. Yes, I said NINE children! ‘Nuff said really, that was certainly enough to pique my interest. I don’t know how they do it. And they seem to do it so calmly too. How? Check out their videos and see them in action. It seems to work and everyone seems to be perfectly happy.

Less Junk, More Journey

I love these two. And their little daughter. Nathan and Marissa are a down to earth couple that decided to downsize their lives so that they could spend more time together as a family. The regularly post videos and it’s always interesting to see what they’re up to.

But look, I’m not gonna lie, THE biggest thing that drew me to their channel is… their accents. Actually Marissa’s in particular. That is so shallow, I know! But I just love listening to her talk. With her Tennessee drawl it’s just delightful to this Kiwi girl who hears mainly thick Kiwis accents or Aussie twang.

We’re the Russos

And then we have Joe and Kait who, at the time of this post have now sold their Class A and are waiting to take possession of their new Class B. So they’ve already down-sized from a house to a Class A, and now they’re down-sizing again to a Class B.

There are many more youtubers out there, but this group are my favorites and publish quite regularly.

Do you have any other full-time RV living Youtube channels that you love watching? Share them with us in the comments below… because, you know, I have time to kill so why not add another couple of hours of visual consumption to my day, instead of getting off my butt and LIVING. :-O

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  1. You should check out Keep Your Daydream with Marc and His wife. They have some GREAT videos that take you along on their journeys

    1. So agree!
      KYD with Marc and Trish and then Phil and Stacy have a channel called You Me and the RV. I also learn a lot from Changing Lanes. There is also the Long Long Honeymoon!

  2. We love drivin’ and vibin’. Kyle and olivia are so much fun to watch. Plus they live in 16ft. Amazing

  3. Carolyn’s RV life and Cheap RV living are both very informative about many things and solo rving.

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