Whether you call it Home schooling, Roadschooling or Rv home schooling it can be a hugely rewarding experience for everyone!

Kids learning about nature

Learning about the world around them.

For many of us parents roadschooling our kids seems like a pretty scary proposition even if our kids don’t care for traditional school. Your not sure if you can cut it and you definitely don’t want your kids future to suffer because of your Rv dreams. Not that public school is on some pedestal, but the norm is the norm.

I’d say that your kids could receive a far better education from you than in a public school, they’re not exactly known for churning out Einstein’s. More like emotionally damaged pop culture trendies, “I mean like fur shur right?!” But I digress.

Internet access is easier to come by now more than ever before and allows endless knowledge at your child’s fingertips. I don’t know about you but my kids make me look like a moron. Seriously it’s embarrassing. I really couldn’t be more proud of them though. My wife and I have obviously done something right in raising them.

Your state may have an online option already for your K-12 graders. There are even webinar style college classes for the older kids and there are many different school curriculum packages out there depending on your moral or religious bent.

Some popular programs like un-schooling try to hearken back to a more family oriented existence where the philosophy goes; if they ask a question then they’re ready to learn about it. And again the Internet comes to the rescue because you can instantly access very reputable sources while the twinkle of curiosity is still in their eyes.

You’ll of course want to keep them on par with their age group but don’t worry all kids learn differently anyway. The fact that you’ve even read this far shows that care a lot about your kids’ education, probably more than any typical teacher would.

Another idea is to have your kids start their own blog.

kids laptop

Your childs keys to success!

It could also turn into a way for them to earn money while learning computer typing skills, Internet Marketing, web design and entrepreneurship in general. And what better way to learn than to teach other kids what they’ve learned through Internet sociability. You might also consider some drop in classes like karate or dance class; it’ll give them a chance to interact with other kids for a bit.

So take a look at some of these programs to get an idea what might work well for you and your kids. First thing you should do is check with your home state as to the requirements for home schooling and if they offer online schooling.

So far as the type of schooling that you pick that’s up to you. I’m personally having a hard time picking. My kids are all to thrilled at the prospect of home schooling but I’d like them to have the option of a college education when the time comes. And for that to happen it looks like they stand a better chance if they’re enrolled in AP or honors classes. We’re also more interested in the secular side of the home school aisle, even though admittedly there are some highly recommended curricula and online learning options. kid doing homework on computer

Also lets not overlook the fact that most of us don’t have as much money floating around as we’d like, so that might kick charter schools off the list.  Being that we haven’t made the leap to home school yet this will be an ever expanding section as we figure out which way to go, but here are a couple resources that I’ll be checking out.



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